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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by taters, Jan 29, 2011.

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  1. Hi,

    as it stands at the moment, after the SDSR, is Britain getting only two QEII class carriers? Are we still getting the new fixed-wing jets (F35s?), or are we using French planes on our carriers? Hopefully they won't end up as just helo platforms :s

    Then again, do we really need aircraft carriers these days...
  2. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    When was the third one ordered and then scrapped?

  3. pre sdsr we were only getting 2 any way, afaik at the moment both are being delivered though the plan to run one as stovl for a while then convert to catobar is been swapped out and we're now taking the C variant instead of the B. due to be accepted into naval service sometime after hell freezes over.

    (this is mainly grape vine info, for some reason they didnt let me sit in on the sdsr decision panel... :cry:)
  4. So QEII will come out of build first, fitted with CATOBAR for use with F35B (instead of the STOVL C varients), then PoW will be fitted with EMAL/EMCAT?

    I'm sure I heard a rumour of one of the carriers being a helo platform only?
  5. the most likely outcome will be
    HMS QE (its QE not QEII) will come out first fitted with the much advertised "Cats and Traps"

    The second ship most likely will emerge as Richelieu

  6. I'm trying to come up with a balanced 'for and against' argument for the CVF project.

    So far, I have: - 10,000 jobs created, shipyards not closed, increased threat from growing militaries (china, north korea, india), Argentina kicking off again, increasing humanitarian/disaster relief.

    Negatives are cost, vulnerability, extra escort assests required, end of cold war scenario

    With regard to the cost, is £5.25billion the cost for 2 CVFs and 40 F35s, or are the F35s another 'seperate cost? If so, does anyone know how much?

  7. Sorry to" rain on your parade" but imho, the Fleet air arm fixed wing is history. The two carriers promised, one is to be mothballed/scrapped, when finished. The other one, promised with Cat and Traps and F35s will probably never happen. Due to cost etc, etc. Rotary wing on small ships, is no great shakes either. With some ships with no designated Flights onboard. So sorry for you, if looking for a career in the once mighty FAA:sad1:
  8. I remember not too long ago people saying we would never get them at all.

    We will, and FAA fixed wing aviation will continue.

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