CVF on Time Share with the Frogs Navy

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Nutty, May 17, 2008.

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  1. Vive La FAA

    It appears you may have to time share your new CVF with our frog eating cousins across ther ditch. See the Times of Today

    Time Share CVF

    Hot bunking with a Breton Lady French Hairy Stoker that will be fun.

  2. Well that will be Higs trying to sign up again.
  3. I thought the RN had 3 carriers, but the article says two - HMS Ark Royal and HMS Illustrious. What happened to HMS Invincible or am I badly wrong?
  4. Sounds like b0llox to me.

    As it stands both CVF's are incompatable (STOVL v CAT and TRAP) so the airgroups would have to be attached as well.

    Also the French have to accept that the UK may use these carriers in another Falklands senario - Which IIRC they were very much against the last time.

    However if the UK went Cat and Trap and the French had no problem with the UK's Foreign policies then it sounds like a good idea.
  5. Does that mean that HMS Incompatible may a some future stage be positioned in an attempt to prevent a SLTLAM firing?
  6. Concorde came out OK. Thanks to the French for insisting Concorde will be built and not cancelled which the British Govt had thoughts on at the time

    With two govts involved there is a good chance it may not be cancelled halfway through the project which is normally the case for UK funded projects these days!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Can you picture the scene

    French President "Monsewer Broon we wish to bomb our enemy but ze carrier of ze french is broken, can you help?"

    Broon "Of course we will do it, just tell me who and where"

    FP" Those cursed American take out Washington."

    If you take it to its logical conclusion I presume that the Brits will do the fighting and the French the surrendering?
  8. Hmmm...I'm noting the emphasis on the 'may' rather than the 'will'. All the same, I can hear the blood of the Eurosceptics boiling and hissing in their veins "OOOHHH ITS ANOTHER SIGN OF HOW THE EUSSR IS DESTROYING BRITAIN WITH THE AID OF THEIR STOOGE BROWN!! VOTE BNP, DEPORT THE BLACK PEOPLE, BRING BACK NATIONAL SERVICE BLAH BLAH BLAH..."

    If it is true, then it would seem that (ahem)
    (Adopts cod French accent) "All ees forgeeven for Trafalgar sheepmate"
  9. Never mind the catpults, who is going to pay for the reinforced astern thrust blocks?

    At least the VS store can be made smaller. It only needs room for one white flag.
  10. i wonder what they will use to remove the stench of Pernod and Garlic from it?
  11. Oh shit, I fcukin hope not. Remember these are the same bastards who let their engineers stay behind in Argentina after the invasion of the Falklands, so that the Argys would have an aircraft capable of firing Exocet! Treacherous gits.
  12. Is this slightly misleading? It doesn't actually say anything about swapping crews - only about loaning the asset so we're probably looking at having a French contingent onboard to advise and manage whatever problem they want to deal with and then buggering off again.

    If this is the case then in some respects we're already doing it on a much reduced scale in so far as committing assets for exercises which are controlled by another nations' military.

    Plus the fact that we already regularly host foreign personnel in our ships, in single and multiple (for shorter periods). Illustrious had about 80 USMC on last year for several weeks, followed later in the year by 80 Spanish and 80 Italians simultaneously.

  13. Thanks for that I read it that we would fulfill their commitment not lend them the asset

    Sleep safely folks... Foga have some GOOD runs in nice places... :thumright:
  14. ask_then_order. Apart from the BNP shot, you are right. This would be a large step towards EU Armed Forces and re-open the common Foreign policy argument. It would assume that we will share operational and diplomatic aims.

    I suppose being Sectioned to a Aspiration Asylum does have a certain ring to it.
  15. I seem to recall that some sort of link-up with the Dutch Navy was muted in the late 80's early 90's. Anyone remember any of this?

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