CV help please? :(

Hi everyone,

Sorry to bother people with this kind of question, but I am having real problems with writing my CV for the purposes of being recruited as a medical officer cadet. The medical side of things I am just about on top of, even though one medical colleague said I was being too passive and another made it sound like a junior colleague made it sound like a colleague two years my junior would be just as good as me. I am hoping to be a GP instead of continuing to be a hospital doctor. It's the navy side of things that I am a bit stuck on. It's hard for me to say whether royal navy is better than the other branches or why. I had been recommended to join the RN at this stage based on numerous discussions with junior and senior medical colleagues from all branches of the tri-services, mainly because of the cuts in funding across the tri-services. I would like to seek your opinions and advice about why you think the RN is better? and what experience, if any of the armed forces or RAF did you have and what was it like?
My very humble opinion is that throughout my medical career so far I have not really seen much scope for being part of a team, except in emergency scenarios, and one thing that attracts me about the RN is that there is a greater sense of camaraderie, especially amongst the naval colleagues that I have met. Also, it has four branches within its service whether there is scope for women to join as medical officers, now that they have allowed women to work on submarines. I find fields of medicine such as combat medicine and battlefield ATLS very interesting as well, which I would be able to apply now as a ITU doctor, and further when I am deployable, and I further hope to do courses in relation to this in the near future. Lastly, I feel personally that the core values of the navy are something are truly values that I can relate to and aspire to all the time.
So I'm sorry if I'm offending anyone with asking this kind of question, or if it sounds like I'm cheating, but I really am stuck.

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