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Cutty Sark saved by private donation by Israeli citizen


War Hero
Romanian born, served in the RN in WWII, then an Israeli who now lives in Monaco.... now that would be an interesting story!

BZ to the man for his gift though! I will always consider myself fortunate to have seen Cutty Sark before the fire. With the best will in the world, I don't think it could be restored to exactly the same condition.


Lantern Swinger
Something very odd about the Cutty Sark fire - although not publicised it would SEEM that all the fire damage is having to be covered by new donations, i.e. that the renovation work (and fire there arising) was not properly insured.

IF THIS IS THE CASE, then someone should be hung, drawn and quartered (or maybe more appropriately keel-hauled) as charity money (Heritage Fund and this latest gift) which could have been used for proper "charitable purposes" have been wasted covering someone's cock-up.

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