Cutting-edge Daring protected by Scimitar as she departs the Rock

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by MoD_RSS, Jan 23, 2012.

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  2. shouldn't she be doing a visit to Stanley to do some South Atlantic Trials??
  3. Tis a good point.

    Unfortunately the ship is a flawed concept, you cannot have an air defence platform that relies upon its own radar. Best case scenario, it`ll detect a wave-top threat at 15 miles. Compare that with proper air defence, an AWACS that`ll see an intruder 200 miles away.
    All the spiel and fancy brocheres won`t change the fact that height is king.
  4. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    She's a little more capable than that.
  5. I know some submariners who would disagree with that.
  6. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    and the skies were black with AWACS over the Falklands - no wait a minute, we had to build our own........

  7. Tragic that it wasn't the case, it cost us dearly.
  8. I know nothing about this but can you get a real time picture from a satellite for a certain area? I watch the shipping AIF in real time and that plots all movements anywhere you want.
    Just wondered if it was adapt something like that as a backup to the lack of AWACS or is it too slow for aircraft and missiles?
  9. Thought the idea was as a radar picket ship linking in with the rest of the task group /AWACS, command got an extended radar plot ...
  10. Do you mean AIS Seafarer? The AIS plot (Automated Information System) is a repeated ping by merchant vessels fitted with the kit that gives their ID, position, course, speed etc but it is a switch on/off system and, subject to certain conditions, the Master has the authority to switch it off if he feels it prudent to do so (eg if he is in what he considers to be dangerous waters for whatever reason).

    Consequently it would be no use for picking up military contacts.

    Of course, if you did not mean AIS then all the above is just useless transmission!
  11. Of course it is AIS,it was suggested to me by my golf mate an ex-Merch.Captain of 40 years although the shipping around the NE coast means I don't use it that often,other than that I can only put it down to Penile Dementia!Cheers
  12. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

  13. Pardon me for being a thick stoker but were no plans in place to fit the 'bag' to Sea King prior to the Falklands to replace the loss of Gannet when Ark was scrapped ?.
  14. No - don't believe so. Ultimate example of what these days would be called a UOR. Quick enough that a couple of cabs could be embarked on Lusty in Jul82. Flash to bang of ~2.5 months. But then we had loads of "spare" cabs back then.
  15. Thank you N_a_b. .......
  16. So if an air defence ship doesn't have a radar, how is she going to get targeting to fire her missiles?
    Has it ever been suggested that T45 wouldn't wish to used as part of a layered Air Defence screen?
    But if she does have to operate on her own, isn't being able to shoot down fast cricket balls at whatever range it is a good thing?
    I cannot see how putting a world leading radar on an air defender can be flawed.

    I'm just a PWO(C) though - perhaps an AAWO can come and shout the answer at me.

    ZIPPO 1, 270 based on drop kick.
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  17. Fixed that for you!!

    Cutting edge Sampson plus loads of power plus vg height above sea level

  18. well, get your Zippo call right first ;)

    and in AAWO style, I shall attempt to answer the question:

    With much love to our loud brethren.
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  19. Perfect :)
  20. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    I may be a C now but I was an A so steady.

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