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Cutting costs 'put troops in danger'

Do you think Government cost-cutting (alias "efficiency savings") are costing lives?

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come_the_day said:
Come on boys and girls - defence is expensive!
Sorry but have to disagree on that point because it is not a case of defence being expensive but procurement being inefficient. I have first hand experience of purchasing goods for a very senior government department. If I had followed the rules and used the approved supplier I would have been shelling out ten times the real cost for blank CDs (and we went thorugh thousands). In the end because my team had some control of it's own budget we were able to source them at a realistic business rate and "sell" them on to other teams within the department. There is no incentive to be efficient in the civil service, only to be seen to be acting in a manner that seems proper and right. But what do you expect from a democracy that allows political parties to receive "loans" that make no business sense. Time to put those b*st*rds up against the wall. :evil:
Helicopters, or lack of them was a point specifically raised by the committee and its a very valid one, unfortunately the answer given by Mr Browne was that they are going to increase availability of current aircraft by means of a long term programme, what long term programme? LEAN. Now LEAN is a very useful tool but it is certainly not the answer to a lack of support helicopters, to solve that problem we need more CHF sqns and if necessary more RAF SH sqns, more trained aircrew, more money, etc etc.

I just don't think there's the money there so it looks like helicopters are going to continue to be a problem for at least the next 10 to 15 years. I just find the whole situation quite depressing. Anyone got any answers?
Hey jesse650, have you looked around recently? There's quite a few of us Logistics Specialists out in the field at the sharp end & it's been going on for quite some time. :wink: :)


Ooopps! sorry prehaps wrong terminology.....poss procurement logistics Specialists? (Brace, Brace, Brace) :lol:
I hold them in the same contempt as I did thirty years ago.
You only have to look at their defence every time it all goes wrong it’s not our fault it’s theirs and then blame the armed forces.

And I could go on with this rant.

Anyone with me?
I think for once the committee did a good job on this one, their report is honest and probing, although this story got little coverage in the news because of the events of yesterday it is worth having a read of the whole report, not just the little snapshot in the news. If you are interested it is here:

I think the most important thing to come out of the whole report is their promise to probe chief of defence procurement about the issues. Maybe he will have the balls to explain to the MP's that the reason defence equipment is so expensive is their insistance that kit is procured from the UK to bolster UK private business (often consisting of multi-national conglomerates who have happy shareholders) and ultimately please the treasury via employment, taxes etc. It may all sound good for the UK economy but ultimately the kit we need is already out there, in production, it's just not British! You can't have it both ways!

Think about it! would you ask your next door neighbour to design and build you a nice big plasma TV which did all the things a nice big plasma TV should do, then pay him to develop it, build it, and modify it when it doesn't work. When you could have gone to Dixons and bought one that day which you know works because your mate has one and has a 2 year exchange warranty.
Empty-vessel. Check out this thread on PPrune.

That's the plan in the short term - but if the RAF tanker PFI is anything to go by, it'll be another five years before CHF and the poor old SK4 get any sort of relief. Even then, the PFI they're talking about is aimed at the Crab Puma force, so there's no guarantee that the a/c procured will be marinised or ship-capable.

The permanent solution is a long way off yet as dealt with in the Aged Seaking thread on the WAFU board....

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