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Cuts to Amphibious Capability? Have your say

Bad CO

I know that there is an existing thread about the potential loss of the Amphibious Capability but we've had an approach from the staff of the Defence Committee in the House of Commons to let us know that there is an opportunity to have your say on their website - The Royal Marines and UK amphibious capability web forum

Note that the Defence Committee is not part of the MoD nor is it part of the government but exists to scrutinise the MoD/government so has MPs from across the political divide. Johnny Mercer is a particularly high profile member of the committee who just happens to represent a Plymouth constituency which is, of course, where these ships and marines are based!

Deadline for submission is 21 Dec 17

Bad CO

Seemed nice enough, pretended to be interested in my answers about health & safety as part of the 'Visible Leadership Programme'. ...... which was nice

Am sure he'd much rather still be beasting prospective officers at BRNC.


Book Reviewer
Seemed nice enough, pretended to be interested in my answers about health & safety as part of the 'Visible Leadership Programme'. ...... which was nice

Am sure he'd much rather still be beasting prospective officers at BRNC.

He loves his current job, really enjoys the variety and of course, he gets home each night which is a massive bonus these days.
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