Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by percey99, Sep 7, 2006.

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  1. This was the practise to keep the JUNIORS in line 1960s at GANGES Does anyone know when this terrible practise stopped , I was told the news of the world did an article on this and the Navy stopped this around 1968
  2. Percy

    May I enquire as to why you think this was a terrible practice?

  3. He's been reading nozzy nozzers tales of the of the seven seas. :roll:
  4. I agree with Nutty. I think they should still be doing it to some of these feral thugs who roam our streets now. Prison is no punishment, and please don't get me started on rehabilitation of offenders. :evil:
    Not many lads went back for a second dose of cuts.
  5. Roofrat

    You hit it bang on nobody ever went back and very few ever went up the first time. Thats why it worked so well fear and mystic.

  6. Trouble is, there would be something very far wrong if corporal punishment was brought back into the armed forces (ie inflicted on Britain's best) but the feral thugs Roofrat mentioned continued to get away with murder.
  7. Well you know MY views. This practice was abolished after the Labour government were shamed into action by the media and a long campaign in the House of Commons to get the practice abolished. It was the cause, over many years of parental complaints to their MPs about the severity of the punishment and the tissue damage resulting. The campaign against flogging boys in the RN was initality started, for the record by Swift MacNeill MP in the 1890s and continued in the correspondence columns of The Times by G.B.Shaw at the beginning of the last century. (see: The Indictment of Admiralty - cannot remember the author's name).

    My principal objection, notwithstanding the various arguments about it being the norm for the times, is the issue of those who couldn't cope psychologically with the regime and absconded. I conceed that when I was at school we were caned for playing truant - that frightened me off doing so when I was being bullied for being different - but I could always cope by one means or another. Others couldn't. Basically I feel very sorry for them. Also, though with benefit of hindsight... Hmmm... I suggest that it may have led to serious psychological harm for some inmates.
    (hindsight, for example, see:,,1867458,00.html )

    My personal objection is simply that I think that hitting children is morally wrong - if it's illegal to assault a granny how can it be OK to similarly assault a child? If Ganges boys' are not to be viewed as boys, then they should not have been treated in this way at all - but this is purely my opinion - I wasn't there so I don't know how things were after its formal abolition in April 1967. I think that it would be completely unacceptable to use this on recruits today though - I think it's cruel! But I could be wrong! I don't think I am though. :) Bear in mind of course that I'm looking at this from a philosophical perspective. I've never raised or worked with children so I really have no idea if my principles would work in practice - I do conceed that point! But we're all fallible. :wink:

  8. They bloody hurt I recieved six while at St Vincent, you were made to wear a pair of pussers blue shorts and the bent over the back of a chair. The Master-at- Arms then delivered them after the Commander had given him the ok. The stick used was about 4ft long and was about as thick as the buisness end of a snooker cue.
  9. I was given to understand that wasn't performed at St.V on the grounds that you had adults training alongside you. Obviously my source was wrong!

    Technically Parliament authorised that you could be caned ONLY through your everyday trousers and pants. Any deviations from this was unauthorised! This was one source of parental complaints to their MPs - and the Minister denied to the House of Commons that any deviations were occuring! So the Minister was lying. Interesting. I always though politicians were honourable and didn't tell lies in those far off days (this is the 1940-60s). How depressing!
  10. Different days and different standards tho! But believe you me IT WORKED! Don't think more than half a dozen got 'cuts' in my time at Ganges in 62 (God he's OLD) but we never stopped talking about it in hushed voices and it stopped us from going to far (Brutal instructors weilding big sticks helped but 'cuts' was official! that meant REAL trouble)
  11. Was at St Vincent 1956 -57 and I only remember one incident of someone getting cuts. The guy wanted out and kept disappearing -tey always brought hm back!! At that time the parents actually signed over their rights of guardianship to the RN.-cos we were under 18.

    During that time Teachers in schools were very accurate with the two foot rule on hands during lessons and also the cane usually three whacks for being unruly!!
    Most teachers were good shots with the blackboard wiper aswell!!

    Happy days heheh!!
  12. Three strokes Greenie where were you? kindergarden, sounds a right soft place! Six of the best was the normal no more (and normally no less either)! and it didn't matter which side you were on! I once got six of the best for BEING bullied! Hell five others kicked the shit out of me! I was still in the line for the cane! Good stuff this justice! There again these days I'd have probably been the only one punished, cos the others had their rights!
  13. Same here Menace, although I can't remember the Joss or the Commander being there, just a rather "savage" RPO who did it.
    I was turfed out of bed at 0200, chucked in a cell, weighed off, punished and at Collingwood by 1100, an hour after my year got there, and I didn't do it!
    Draft night revenge gone wrong.
  14. Good job they never saw the tattoo I'd had done in Pompey that night or I'd have been further in the shit.
  15. Why were you weighed? :???: :???: :???: Also why were you put in a cell if you hadn't run away?

    Stupid of Civvyland

    Who did do it?
  16. Steve
    Having brought up two children and now having three grandchildren I am a believer that a pat on the back often works wonders.
    However it sometimes need to be adminestered lower down and a little harder
  17. But do you weigh your children first and lock them in the pantry? :???:
  18. I never was caned etc. while in the mob but I received 6 cuts of the cane while at school! I never broke the rules again and it never did me any harm. Oh yes please Matron :twisted:
  19. "Always....

    I was given to understand that wasn't performed at St.V on the grounds that you had adults training alongside you. Obviously my......

    There were no adult trainees in '65.

    It was a juniors training establishment!
  20. Well it's a good thing there are no JTE's now then! :smile:

    (Right, time to hide under a large dustbin lid before the shit comes flying...)

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