"Cutaways" - Diagrams/Images - WW II

Excellent stuff BBD. Thought I recognised a few of the cutaways and tactical drawings. They are from a book called "Britain's Wonderful Fighting Forces", which must have been published early on in the war,
I guess April/May 1940, since it has a plan of the Battle of the Plate, and a photo of the Board of Admiralty in March 1940, but no mention of Dunkirk.
In fact it also has a sectional picture of the Maginot Line, and a comparison between the British/French/German/Italian fleets.
The section headings are of interest - "Britain's Winged Warriors", "Men of Steel", and "Our Unchallengeable Navy".
My Dad passed it on to me just after the war, when I was about twelve, so I've had it for sixty years!! Still a good read though, especially with the hindsight that we now have regarding the war.


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