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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Skunkmiester, Jun 13, 2006.

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  1. Is it me or is it impossible to defend Isreal nowadays? I mean, are their actions any better than what Al Qaeda get up to? Killing a family on a beach last week and now this?

    Just who are the good guys now?

    9 Killed in Isreali air raid
  2. Certainly not Israel, they are as much part of the problem as anyone else. The only way they can stop the Palestinians killing them one by one is to either kill them all, or stop killing them at all. It seems they are firmly on the path of trying to kill them all, perhaps the first 21st century genocide.

  3. I was working in Israel with the IDF last year for 3 months and when you talk to the lads on the ground they don't actualy hate the palestinians but when they continue to bomb and attack Israel what choice do they have but to counter attack? In Israel you now have an armed guard outside macdonalds/hotels/shops etc. and one inside so if abdhul tries to force his way in or kill the guard outside the inner guard can shoot him before he blows them all up. We all know that Israel and Palestine exist, the Israelis are ok having palestinians as neighbours but palestine will never accept Israel. You can see the difference between the modern Israel and the 3rd world Palestine when looking over the wall, jealousy has a lot do do with it. It is a shame that talking doesn't work (yet), until then if the suicide bombers keep attacking Israel what choice do they have but to retalliate, and if the palestinians are dumb enough to keep blowing themselves up and trying to fight an ultra effective and well equipped force then good luck to them.
  4. It is not really surprising that the Palestinians live in 3rd world poverty, since their land was occupied by Irael not a penny has been spent on Palestinian land, all the best land has been handed to Iraeli settlers and Palestinians are allowed to work and earn money to feed their families at the whim of their Iraeli master.

    The Iraeli state was built out of terror and parctices terror on those it dislike to this day. Why shell families on a beach, it keeps Abdul in his place of course.

  5. I am sure that was not the intention and that kids were not the intended target, it was collatoral damage, but the palestinians blow up women and children with great regularity.
  6. The trouble is the Israelis seem to have some what more collateral damage than success, little wonder that Palestinians with no hope go and blow themselves up in Israeli bus stations after their cousin etc has been an Israeli trifling collateral damage. I saw some B of an Israeli spin doctor trying to claim the family were in fact terroists.

    Terrorism is wrong who ever does it, and in this case I see no end to the conflict until either the Israelis come to their senses and stop terroising the Palestinians, who much of the time these days are simply responding to violence against them in the only way they can, or they just exterminate the Palestinians as seems to be their intent. Removing the settlers fron Gaza was not a peace gesture but the creation of a free fire zone.

  7. I realise that Palestinian terrorists blow up women and kids but Isreal are painted as the good guys that the US supports and the UK gives intel to.
    So we know support a regime that kills innocent people. And we wonder why we are targeted by Muslim extremists?
  8. What's the Israeli international airport called? Ben Gurion or summat? Isn't he the bloke who used to blow up British squaddies?
  9. That's the chap!

  10. Tel Aviv is a modern city, so modern in fact that it was built entirely from scratch, on land bought from Arabic land-owners. Much of the land that Israel started out on was bought. That was the plan of the Judenstat organisation before it fell apart, but many people afterwards did carry out the plan.

    Israel is getting a bit oppressive, but bear in mind that the current government was up until recently quite right-wing. The new coalition government is a bit more leftist, but the effect this has has yet to be seen.

    The IDF often claims that it's targeting para-military targets, whereas the militant Palestinian organisations, one of them being the main political party of Palestine and which refuses to let Israel exist, often bomb civillian targets, a McDonalds with a children's party going on inside. Yes, Israel does commit war-crimes it seems and can we always believe them when they say they were targeting millitants? But compared to such organisations as Hamas I'd give Israel my support any day.
  11. If my enemy has tanks, armoured bulldozers, helicopter gunships, Warships of varios sizes, jet fighters, bombers, unlimited acces to armaments and US Dollars. You have access to only light arms and explosives and that access into and out of your bit of land is controlled by your enemy what weapon do you have when the enemy says the only solution to this problem is what we will impose upon you.

    Its a no brainer I am afraid: SUICIDE BOMBERS

    Israel can bring it to a halt tommorrow just by offering a reasonable solution but then they could have done that in 1955 or 51 years ago. Will they No of course not so I say a curse on both your houses, now all to the East of Cyprus Feck off and leave the Western Liberal Civilization I live in alone and we will leave you alone. Get the message Blair and Bush.

    Will the USA acquiesce to that, of course not, these are the same people that who supplied cash to, who's politicians and Legal system supported the IRA for 25 years whilst Britsh Servicemen and Civilians died, When It reached their shores then they demand the whole world is involved.


  12. There is a fundamental issue here,and before anyone brands me a Nazi,these are facts!Both the US and UK govts and top buisness persons are of the Jewish faith.It seems that their religion(along with radical muslims)has more pull with them than their allegiance to their country.And as such they will not do anything to harm or detract from Israel(or Arab States).This is why the US will not intervene,they will loose too many votes in the next election. Plus they have a ready market for their Military equipment.Also on a slightly different note,if Oil was in plentyful supply with thousands of years supply left underground,would the US have intervened in the middle east?I think not.the problem is that religion has no borders and those States founded and run on religious yardsticks(ie Israel and Islamic States)will drag in people not ever having been to these places,as in the UK born Suicide bombers and fighters in the Middle East.I am sure that if the Archbishop of Canterbury went a tad bonkers and called for another Crusade,he would probably be on the boat on his tod!(well there might be one or 2 nutters with him :lol: :lol: :lol: )
  13. It takes two sides to broker a peace deal. Surely if the Palestinians stopped blowing Israelies up then Israel would not have a reason to retaliate and vice versa. Once everything calmed down then they could go to the peace table. However, I would not hold my breath as this is not going to happen because forces within Palestine have said they will not stop until the State of Israel is destroyed.
  14. Yes, it is true that many US Jews hold some sort of allegiance to Israel, but this is not the case for the Jewry of the United Kingdom. Many, almost all, that I know (including yours truly) see themselves as Jewish Brits, meaning Britons that just happen to be Jewish also. If ever there was a conflict between Israel and the UK I would definately back my home-country, and I feel that this is the same for almost all Jews here. I feel it's not really my place to have a view on the Arab-Israeli problems, though it eventually becomes unavoidable. So my view currently is that I hope the Left gets more of a say, because they wish to push for permanent borders, as I feel just about everyone else does. In my opinion both Palestinian militants and the IDF are responsible for avoidable deaths of civilians. The way forwards would be (as indirectly said above) for both Palestine and Israel to throw off religion in government, and it seems Israel is going that way, but to what extent we don't know. We'll just have to see how things go.
  15. Phew,i was standing by for a bit of a broadside there.You are right shippers in the removal of religion from the equation,but unfortunatly bothe the Palestinians and Iraelis have "issues" that go back to biblical times.Its gonna take more than a Brick wall and a change in govts to sort this one out i am afraid.It doesnt help that soon israel might become a target for the nuclear aspirations of Iran.
  16. That certainly changes my mind on everything to do with the Middle East! Pretty loose description of fact, though!
  17. So if neither Israel or Palestine can solve this situation by themselves would a UN peace keeping mission be a viable solution? Neutral troops to patrol a de-militarised zone to allow the two sides to broker a deal with fewer incidents that could distract them? Or would it just suck the international community further into the conflict than we are already?
  18. Ah facts. But what are facts? As Göbbels used to say, and it is very apt here, if you repeat the lie often enough people will begin to believe it, otherwise known as an argumentum ad nauseam type argument. Well he was partly right. This is an age old anti-Semitic myth that has been doing the rounds for rather too long. It was certainly popular in Tsarist times. Whenever the majority feel their hegemony is being chellenged you will always come across right-wing conservatives who fabricate myths. This is one which is remarkably similar to one currently doing the rounds in the US and in some parts of the media in UK, currently asserts that gays are doing the same thing. In the past it has also been Eurocrats. There is also a whiff of anti-Scottish sentiments taking a similar vein at present, in Westminster! Don't believe everything you hear Andy! Most businessmen and politicians in the UK are NOT Jewish, most are NOT gay, most are NOT Scottish and NONE are Eurocrats. There are a disproportionate number of lawyers in both Houses of Parliament as in Business (but a country can never have too many lawyers :wink: ).
  19. No this problem is a 20th century one, until the concept of a Jewish homeland was created the few Jews who lived in Palestine got on fine with their Islamic neigbhors. The origins of the present conflict lie very much in the creation of the state of israel by the UN in the late 40s whcih provoked the first arab attempt to push the jews into the sea.

    The present conflict will continue as long as both side insist in a tit for tat series of reprisal killings, and Israel refuses to either implement existing agreements not talk to the palestinians.

    I would suggest that both sides through their intransigence and bloodymindedness are responsible together for the rise of militant islam around the world.

  20. Yes, and so is Martin McGuinness, Jerry Adams, A/bishop Markarios,Jomo Kenyatta! It didn't stop the Gov. of the day dealing with them though did it?

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