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I've seen from a previous post the Bounty gets paid around May. Is their a cut off for completing the 24 days training and can you still get a bounty if you've not been around a whole year?



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It's not quite as simple as getting 24 days in. To elaborate on previous advice.
You will need to ensure you have the correct amount of ORT (12 days I think), as well as ensuring you have attained the CO's Unit Bounty requirements.

It is probably best to email your DO and your PSI, that way you will have an audit trail if you are wrongly advised, and can rest assured that you have been gven the correct advice, with all the bells and whistles that go with individual unit/branches!

Good Luck



Cheers SO2Seaman,

I'm NE so I believe my Raleigh course count as the 12 days training - I think I've read somewhere that is enough for your first year plus the other 12 days as NE drill nights.

That being said if it doesn't count there is little I can do to get the 'correct' training till I'm the other side of Raleigh.

Just means I'd better try and get to Raleigh this side of the cut off to stand any chance.
Raleigh is ORT (or whatever it's called this week) and will count provided you make up the SA part of your committment (12 days for List 3/6 days for List 4). Having said that, when I was in NE there was so much going on that making the rest of the days up was pretty easy.


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