Cut crime with drink tax - WTF!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by alhucoll, Feb 15, 2008.

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  1. With alcohol having been part and parcel for many when I served (don't know how it is now), how will this effect the three tins per day per body on a "sleek grey messenger of death"?
    How would it effect your life?
    Paying yet more tax and being penalised for a miniority abuse of alcohol?

    "Alcohol should be made more expensive to cut down on violent crime, Gordon Brown's own advisers have suggested.

    The Strategy Unit, which is part of the Cabinet Office, has also told him that increasing taxes on drinks would curb domestic violence and reduce traffic accidents and injuries in the workplace.

    The recommendation is contained in a briefing paper. The unit's conclusions come amid growing political unease about the effects of cheap alcohol."

    Another sledge hammer to crack a nut? Or, just another way to tax us all?

  2. It woudnt effect your three tins a day at all i dont think. There tax free. As far is a know.
  3. I think the cost thing is a red herring, many countries with lower prices for drink do not have the same problems as us. In my opinion people get lagered up and create mayhem because they can and do usually get away with it. If the sort of behaviour we all find sickeing is to stop we will have to make those who do it realise that such behaviour will not be tolerated. All drunks should be arrested the moment they are seen either to be a danger to themselves or others or are causing offence. Take them down the nick, when they are sober hit them with a fixed penalty fine, and make bad behaviour expensive, not make having a sociable drink repsibly expensive
  4. Exactly as you say Maxi.
    Here in Spain drink is probably the cheapest in Europe yet there is not a problem with binge drinking anything near the same scale as in the UK. Here it is seen as a personal disgrace and a lack of control to appear obviously drunk.
    It is the northern countries that seem to have the problem Scandinavia and the British Isles, including Ireland; places were alcohol is inordinately expensive already.
    When Shakespears Hamlet said 'there is something rotten in the state of Denmark' he was referring to alcoholism, even way back then. Also, didn't the 'rolling english drunkard make the rolling english road'.
    Seems to me the problem is cultural and that will be the way to address it, if indeed there is such a significant problem that it needs addressing.
    Whatever the government decides is bound to be tinged by their need to extract revenue which could, if they succeed, put the few pints we all enjoy and deserve, in the same overtaxed category as road fuel and cigarettes.
    All it would mean is a boom time for cross channel ferry companies. I mean, would you open an off licence in Dover? Pity the poor sods who live in the north :lol:
  5. Another cynical money making scam - will it make any difference to us having a pint or four, even at the extortionate prices we pay today ? I doubt it. Better they start hammering these scrotes with fines or time inside in lieu - the majority of us are not the problem, why should we get hammered for the idiocy of a minority ?
  6. Cynical and money making, how very dare you!
    The beloved law makers with their 24hour tax free bar are surely beyond that :wink:
  7. An easy "quick, do something" fix combined with more revenue for the Treasury. This Government's standard solution to most things.

    It won't work, incidentally.
  8. Maxi, i fully agree with you on this occasion
  9. Oops, time for a rethink.

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