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Lantern Swinger
just been reading the bad customer service thread supplied by our honourable friends over on arrse.

some of the funniest stuff ive ever heard, so i thought id bring it over here and see if we could get some more stories of your experiences with bad companys/shops/sales assistants.

fire away!

Probably not counted as funny to some , but very annoying at the time to me though.
I called LloydsTSB enquiry line and was greeted by firstly a 'Sheena', then a 'Shane' - not very interesting ? but then they were speaking in an Indian accent, and were based in Delhi ! - Not much help for me when my bank is in Kent.....

At least I can laugh about it now.. :smile:
i have just spent 20 minutes on the phone (a mobile) to virgin media- my email accounts had been suspended, with no notification or reason given, so unlike with ntl they were very helpful - yes my account had been disconnected due to the takeover but - - they have reconnected my services, and due to their cock up have given me 6 months at half price - - - bonus!!!!!!!!!

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