Custom-made orthotics

I just got orthotics made for me today due to shin splints for the last while, i tried everything else so it was a last resort (a dear one at that). I was just wondering when at my PRNC and if successful Raleigh will i be allowed to wear them in my boots and my trainers?

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Prescribed orthotic insoles are actually a bar to entry into the Naval service as they indicate a significant pre-existing injury.

Whilst they can be (and frequently are) prescribed after joining if a condition develops without cause for discharge, the Naval Service is very risk averse to pre-existing lower-limb injuries. Not so long ago flat feet were an outright bar to entry - they aren't an automatic bar in themselves but "complications" arising from the condition prior to entry are viewed as "significant" unfortunately.
Unfortunate, plenty of ice and rest for me then.

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Plenty of rest, when you feel like you can run again, rest some more. Have you tried going to a running shop for them to check your gate and see what trainers are good for your running style? I have had some crap trainers over the last couple of months that have caused me loads of grief!
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