Custom design no 5's trouser belt and cummerbunds

Good evening Rum Ratters. I was wondering if anyone knew where to get a specific Crest made and put onto a No5's Belt and Cummerbund. I have seen loads of people around with them but can't find one that I want. I'm assuming there is no rule in BR3 about not wearing them with custom crests on them. I still wear mine as issued in Raleigh as the new style buckle looks shocking in my opinion anyway.
Also I'm after the same design on a Cummerbund if anyone knows somewhere which does a quality job at a reasonable price.

It's to get this logo from COMBA done. COMBA - commando medical branch association

Thank you in advance.

It's friggin Rum Rationers NOT Rum ratters, I do not own the site, run it, or even like anyone on it.
Except anyone with money or influence.
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