Custer's last stand!


War Hero
Have just watched docu-drama on BBC2. Lead up to the battle of the Little Big Horn. Excellent stuff. Good historical input. Points of view from both sides and from archaeological data. First of a series of three. Next week Billy the Kid.
Any other shitkicker fans out there who watched it?
What did you think?



War Hero
I saw it and was well impressed.A well balanced account of the Battle from both sides.Next weeks is going to be interesting.Have you seen the History Channel series on the American Civil War?Mainly photos witha background commentry from letters and diaries.Excellent series.


Lantern Swinger
Left me a little disappointed...I thought Custer had blonde hair not red :roll: .....I think I prefer the Hollywood version "They died with their boots on" :razz: For you western fans a look at this website may be of interest I went there whilst on a visit to Oklahoma/Colorado/Kansas/New Mexico/Texas back in 2001.

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