Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by SJRM_RN, Jan 5, 2010.

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  1. Now, I love a good old curry/ruby murray/bundy whatever you choose to call it. I think my favourite has to be a garlic chilli chicken mossala, or lamb vindaloo. There are a lot of wierd and wonderful Indian dishes out there so what is your favourite?

    I also like to partake in a chapati with my curry, can't eat naan bread they are too big, but what do you have as an accompaniment, if at all?

    Lastly, what do you consider to be the perfect beverage to have with a curry, I like Kingfisher, Cobra or Strongbow.

    And what is your colloquial name for a curry?

    RR'ers ... its over to you.
  2. Being from Sarf London its known as a Ruby mate!!

    I like to have a Chicken Sag massala with a Peshwari Nan as a rule as its the dogs bollocks!!!. Not literally I hope!!

    It always washes down nicely with a Kingfisher or Cobra beer after a night on the town!!
  3. Tough call on favourite curry Stix - my last one was a Pasanda from Ali's last week, which was a tad too mild for me (I'm still experimenting).

    Go along with the Kingfisher or Cobra, but speaking as a cider drinker normally, Strongbow with a ruby sounds wrong to me! A bottle of Matlot's Rose goes down quite nicely for a change from beer.
  4. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Tarka Masala. It's a bit like Tikka Masala...

    ...but it's 'otter!

  5. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    I'm not a mega fan, but don't mind a small plate. I do love the starters and pakora is the dogs bollocks and winner for me.
  6. You trying to be funny again Sgt??

    :roll: :wink:
  7. usually go for a Phall and keema naan.

    cant drink larger so always washed down with plenty of strongbow.
  8. Vegetable Madras (I'm not a lesbian or whatever they call non meat eaters; I just like spiced veg, especially cauliflower and potato)

    I have two tandoori roti (if you haven't tried one they are yummy)

    Cobra. Enough to forget how many you've had or what time you left.
  9. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I went out for a vindaloo last night and my arse is really sore today.

    I can't believe some of the things I do for a free curry... :shock:
  10. King prawm vindaloo with bahjees garlic naen lime pickleall the trimmings in fact as for a drink i aint too bothered .I will take what comes :D
  11. Karahi chicken tikka dal (standard Karahi chicken tikka but ask them to add dal), mushroom pilau rice, chapati x 1

    Accompanied by a pint of weak pineapple juice and soda (unlike Jonno I am a lesbian).
  12. I always have:

    3 spiced poppadoms
    Chutney and lime pickle
    Chicken Pathia
    Pilau Rice
    Garlic Naan

    Without fail, I have the same things whatever curry house I'm in, it just means I don't have to make the effort reading a menu and looking for stuff when I'm p1ssed.
  13. Chappatis instead of the naan, does it for me
  14. Pussers 'Red Curry' with not quite diluted enough 'Orange' and stale/undercooked popadoms, lovely! :lol:
  15. Welcome back KoT :D
  16. Not so much a curry recipe as a curry solution.

    Go into Ali's, order what lesbryan said (my next 'experiment' - tomorrow I've decided :D ). Call in the T*o* for a pint of lager. Take curry home and consume with either Cobra or Matelot's Rose.

    Watch the ginger bird on telly. Knock one out. Kick cat.

    And sleep...

    You should get commission for this Stix.
  17. Damn! I can feel myself reaching for the 'phone - the local curry house is on speed dial . . .
  18. Onion Bhaji

    Chicken Korma
    Coconut Rice
    Cucumber Raita

    Peshwari Nan

    Kulfi (pref. pistachio)

  19. I'd assumed you were still in this neck of the woods Stix. *r*t OK, but never recovered from being knocked through in my opinion - like a Wetherspoons (sp?).

    Queens has been my 'second' local for years, and I know it was the boozer of choice for you chaps. It's an odd place these days - arguably the only 'real' pub left, but I called in a couple of times over Christmas (first times in six months or so) and I couldn't help getting the impression that the name 'Queens' is being used rather literally if you get my drift.

    Mind you, it is the only one in the village.
  20. No wonder it was a favourite with Royal :wink:

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