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daffy1 said:
Porn, Porn and more Porn. Get ming bat maskers, bang the Mrs then watch more porn.

Happy Days.
I like your style, I'm currently researching the "hamster" vintage section. I take it your in the, "sleep" is for pussies camp? Hardcore mate!!!!!!

Happy Finishes.


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witsend said:
I plan to get smashed, pump the Mrs and sleep in late.

Whats your plans?
Small world! I'm gonna get smashed, pump your Missus and sleep in late too... mind you, it has to be in that order: I'd have to be heavily intoxicated before I went anywhere near her, and she'd have to get out of bed before me - I wouldn't be able to get through the bedroom door if she didn't!

BreathingOutOnTheWayUp said:

Shock Horror - You should be ashamed of yourself: Subjecting us to THAT specimen.

Go away and wash your keyboard out right NOW!


PS Have you got any more of her in colour?