Currently on leave from Raleigh

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by davemac32, Dec 20, 2009.

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  1. i'm on leave from HMS Raleigh at the moment,when i go back i'll be in week 7 if anyone has any questions regarding life at Raleigh i'd be glad to help
  2. Hey, how is the fitness at Raleigh?
  3. Are you enjoying it?
  4. it will be much easier on you if you have a good level of fitness when you join,you will be pushed to your limit no matter how fit you are.All i can say is give 100% everytime your in the gym and you'll be okay
  5. yes I'am , if I said I was enjoying every minute of it I'd be lying but on the whole im enjoying it
  6. Cheers mate, appreciate all this.

    Best bit so far? And the worst?
  7. Rookie mistake, a pack of Bernard Matthews Wafer Thin Turkey would get the same job done with half the preparation :wink:
  8. 3hrs 45 mins and add on 1hr per kilo for a stuffed Turkey hope this helps
  9. Good on you, can't wait to get there myself :D
  10. the best bits for me so far have been Pier Cellers and Dartmoor.Nothing really stands out as been the worst apart from the homesickness really
  11. I am gonna struggle on the fitness I would say. I have exactly 9 weeks to prepare myself. You think that 8 week pre-joining booklet is good enough fitness for Raleigh?

  12. if you stick to it you'll be fine
  13. What about the kit? Is that hard?
  14. Whats it like in the showers? Is that a fun time? :lol:

    Many thanks.
  15. yes especially on wednesdays :wink:
  16. Not so much hard, but the sheets can get a bit crispy.
  17. Homesickness is a terrible feeling when your a nozzer, then all of a sudden it goes :oops: when you our out on a run ashore with your mates trapping,and having a few wets :) :) and it will never return!!!!
  18. he loves men. FACT
  19. Agreed.
  20. Also agree, he does.

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