Current waiting times for Supply Chain Logistician + shortest waiting times


Hello all.

I'm hoping that someone who knows the current waiting times for Supply Chain Logistician can post them here if possible ?

Also, which are currently the positions with the shortest waiting times for rating positions? I noticed on the Royal Navy Website at one time there was a note on the careers page against those which were really quick entry - maybe noted as "priority"(?). I seem to remember at the time I looked on there it was for a chef position. I'm not interested in a chef position but it's interesting to know that there are clearly some positions at the moment that the RN are trying to fill ASAP which may help me (or not!!) due to my (old) age!

Cheers for reading!


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In my experience those choosing their Royal Navy branch by dint of the wait to join will inevitably blame every other bugger apart from themselves when they regret it rather than accept the fact that they left it too late to join in their preferred branch.

The question is; After twenty or more years opportunity to join the Naval Service in any branch, why is it now more important to join anything in a military seagoing role rather than nothing?

If the answer is simply age, then maybe it's worth looking at other military-related seagoing roles that permit broader age and medical entry parameters and an infinitely wider scope of career opportunities.

Example? RFA.

If considering joining the RN in a quicker entry role then hoping to transfer to the currently unobtainable role, then it's probably worth reminding people there's a compulsory random drugs test.


Cheers for your input Ninja.
I was due to go to Raleigh in Oct 2015 as a CT but didn't due to injury. I had been in the queue for a while and when it didn't work out it knocked me back due to having spent time focusing towards going in.

Having since worked in a warehouse environment and knowing of the rating role of supply chain logistician I have been wondering whether I should have one last try at joining up before it's truly too late. So if the waiting times for SC are too long then at least I know to knock it on the head. I know I won't be able to join now as a CT due to waiting times and there only being two intakes a year which makes it impossible for the stars to align so to speak.

The RFA is something I am also seriously considering due to the wider choices but in regard to the RN I do feel like I'd be happy in a few roles as I've had a range of different jobs and feel that I'm fairly adaptable.


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As ever, the job choice is that of the individual and an injury significant enough to defer entry for a year or more will clearly have been a significant blow.

The intellectual challenge of Comms Tech makes one wonder whether a technical alternative would be more mentally stimulating. The idea is to recruit to retain and it is generally felt that a job that stretches the individual rather than wraps them in a familiar comfort blanket, is more likely to make them want to stay rather than quit at the four year point.

Supply Chain is about six or nine months, I think. ET(ME) about six. Warfare Spec, which is non-technical, is about three to four months.

Good luck.
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