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Current Vacancies for JO?


afternoon all,

I'm a current Deck Cadet with a well respected Oil Major. I'm completely the Foundation Degree and will - touch wood - qualify as OOW next summer. I will also hold cargo endorsements for Oil and Gas.

I'm lucky enough to be in a position that my current employer do offer a job after the cadetship but once signing we are tied in for a number of years and to be honest, I have found the Training experience pretty poor and culture unpleasant.

So I'm now looking at the RFA. I had applied back when looking at cadetships and got through the SIFT; I stopped my application before the AIB when I was told my start date for BRNC would be early 2017 - im not as young as some cadets and I didn't fancy leaving it ~2 years! More fool me...

Anyhow, I was wondering if anyone has any information on whether recruitment is open for Deck Officers, specifically are they recruiting.. not just 'submit and we will keep you on file' Given the jobs market if I can't get an offer from the RFA come mid 2018 I'll be signing up with my current employer for a few more years - I can't afford the buy out clause!

Has anyone else applied for full qualified Deck Officer whilst in the later stages of a cadetship?

Sorry for the long message, it's a Sunday...



Lantern Swinger
Unfortunately we here can only guess...

Have you tried calling the recruitment number?

If no joy there, you could always try chatting to the RFA's cadet training officer next time shes visiting your college.


Thanks for the reply, thought that would be the case I'll give them a ring next week! I thought I'd ask on the off chance someone has a crystal ball.

I'm away at sea at the moment and won't be back in college until Orals prep, I think maybe too little time to get through the application process again.


The RFA are only currently taking on higher tickets. The only OOW contracts being given out are too cadets. But they will probably keep your stuff on file for a later date. I know it's not ideal, but if you are keen, then it will open up eventually (or you could just apply after getting your Chief Mates if it doesn't).

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Lantern Swinger
What Torch said. Although these things do come round in cycles it would seem, I'd say you've missed the opportunity to come across as a lateral entry 3/O this time. Good luck with your endeavours to join one day.
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