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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by rosinacarley, Aug 13, 2006.

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  1. Really stupid question. Now that you can only take the bare essentials through security at airports, does that mean that you cannot purchase anything in duty free?
  2. Good question , don't know the answer , I would imagine that if you bought duty frees that you would have to put it in your main luggage in the aircrafts hold , what a sad world we are living in :twisted:
  3. I believe at some larger airports if you are flying within the EU you can purchase at the airport on your outbound journey then pick up your goods when you land back in the UK.
  4. Brilliant idea , thank you Welshbird :lol: :lol:

  5. ah happy to perform a public service ;-) I seem to spend most of my life at airports!!

    from the BAA Heathrow website....

    Shopping Collection
    Too much to carry? Collect it on your return
    BAA Shopping Collection enables you to take advantage of great shopping while you are at the airport without the need to carry your purchases with you – a real plus for bulky items or if you are worried about breakages.

    You can buy as much as you like. All you need to do is tell the retailer that you want to collect your goods on your return journey, get a receipt and pick it up from the Shopping Collection points listed below:

    Terminal 1 – inside the Arrivals World Duty Free Store
    Terminal 2 – BAA information desk
    Terminal 3 – inside the Arrivals World Duty Free Store
    Terminal 4 – inside the Arrivals World Duty Free Store
    Please note that the Shopping Collection service is only available to passengers travelling within the European Union (excluding UK and Ireland flights).
  6. Amazing to see that the concept of customer service is not entirely dead.

  7. The concept of what some people considered "hand luggage" always used to annoy me, people were usually wearing tracksuits and had never seen a gym in their lives , but would lift their own body weight in hand luggage into the overhead bins.....Thanks Al Qieda for making air travel easier!!
  8. Spot on mate , used to piss me off as well , I hate seeing peaple in tracksuits , no Fxxxxxxxxxg standards at all ,
  9. But your luggage would have been checked in by this time! I am thinking after you have been through passport control when you would normally have only your hand luggage.
  10. I believe once you go through you can purchase what you like from duty free, Ipod booze etc... The idea is to prevent you having access to items that you had prior to going through security. The unfortunate thing is unless we do the same as the Italians have done for years, searching arriving passengers going into transit it is a waste of time.
    The weakest link is the weakest point of security. i.e. any country that doesn't adhere to the same rules or corrupt personell that have access to the flightside/transit.
    All it takes is one corrupt toilet cleaner, delivery driver, engineer or security guard to blast a huge whole through the entire securty program.
  11. I think all the security checks/searches would already have been done before you get into the departure/duty free area. Unless that has now changed of course.
  12. Thanks mate, I was wondering because I hate travelling at the best of times. I would always need a good book and a puzzle thingy.

    But you are right about the security - did you see the pics of those coming back from package hols - hand baggage up to their proverbials!
  13. Any passengers arriving at Heathrow transiting to another flight go through security search, I know because I have stood in the ridiculouly long queques ther far to often.

  14. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    At the height of the security alert a lot of the shops were closed, I don't believe that the rules changes at all, ie not liquid on the plane (in the passenger space) as someone has already said you only need a terrorist working in one of the shops to pass doctored stuff over to make all of the other precautions worthless.
  15. There are a 1000 low tech ways to bring down passenger aircraft, Islamic terrorists are strictly low tech and this is why it is difficult to weedle them out. The IRA would seem like a highly technically advanced military super power compared to half a dozen stone age fundamentalists farting about with cleaning products and fertilizer.

    But the fact that they take sooo long to plan and carry out their tasks in the name of Allah....peace be upon him (TWAT). Show a lack of support in the wider Islamic community. The back room staff in and around Heathrow for example, inclusding baggage handlers , cleaners etc. are from islamic/asian backgrounds.

    So think about it, if cleaners on Airoplanes have access to all its private area and carry cleaning liquids of all sorts. What is stopping them taking down a 747....answer. Loonies don't have that much support, with the exception of the British liberal press!
  16. In reality there are lots of jobs at an airport that if occupied by a terrorist would make the current security restrictions pretty pointless.

  17. Banning anyone who even looks like a muslim from working in these industries would help. I know there are a few that are white nutters who have converted but not that many. The time for pc and liberal nonsense are at an end, the time has come to protect ourselves against this enemy regardless of upsetting them. To make an omlette you have to break a few eggs.
  18. What, you mean like Jean Charles De Menezez?? And who will say what a muslim looks like??
  19. Flew on friday. Restrictions only apply to items taken through security. Purchases can still be made in 'airside' shops. WH Smiths etc. where making a killing.
  20. And precisely what does a Muslim look like?

    Considering some Muslims look quite European, some look quite Indian, some look quite African, and some look quite Chinese we have now banned almost every one in the world from working in airport security, except perhaps the Eskimos, and Hitlers blonde Aryans. Next good idea?


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