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Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by Jenny_Dabber, Jul 18, 2006.

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  1. Without breaking OPSEC and all, if there is any one around here still serving, maybe they can help.

    What are the current pay scales through out the RN, junior, senior rates etc.
  2. WHY? You missing it?
  3. Cor strewf !! - and I thought I was on good pay when i left the mob (just a little over £4500 pa) !!! 8O
  4. Why would disclosing current pay scales break OPSEC, surely this info is freely available to british tax payers via the web?

    Jenny I think you heard the phrase OPSEC during your short career/employment and have made it your own little "catch phrase", but,
    discussing things of a military matter doesn't always need consideration for OPSEC does it!

    Not meant as a flame, just a bit of friendly chat, xxx :wink:
  5. I see from here that the pay rates for 2 stars and above (chapter 3) are particularly generous...

    Table 3.5: Pay scales at 1 April 2007

    (in the order:)
    7 £104,961
    6 £163,837 £136,564 £102,756
    5 £160,624 £132,183 £100,550
    4 £226,362 £157,475 £127,801 £98,343
    3 £221,924 £154,387 £123,421 £96,137
    2 £217,572 £151,360 £116,492 £94,289
    1 £213,306 £148,402 £109,563 £92,892

    Nice work if you can get it!
  6. Yet people still tend to break the rules, even after a gentle reminder, therefore it doesn't hurt to say. Short career, who cares, 5yrs was great for me, if you stayed in longer your choice, not mine. No need to dig the claws in like a cat is there?

    Oh, friendly 'chat' not 'flaming'
  7. I'm on wads, trouble is CinC Nag Home spends it all within a week

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