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Hiya guys, yes I'm a noob on here so be gentle! :wink:

I've just started my app process with the navy and as most of you will probably already know, one of the key interivew topics is likely to be current ops.

Now I've spoke to a few friends / family members who already serve about it and they suggested the the Global Ops page on the navy site.

Problem I have is that whilst it does show which units are where, it's doesn't actually state what they are doing there etc.

Anyone have a link to a page / thread which shows the info I'm after?

Thanks! :lol:
daffy1 said:
Dont you think there is a reason behind that ?
The original poster did not pose a stupid question. It's a good step up from most of the lazy idiots who start of asking "where do I look?". Apart from boats, it's hardly a secret what most of the RN vessels are doing, for the most part.

To the OP, You can take a good guess from the location of the ship the job they are doing. Have a look at the standing commitments - you can find these easily on wikipedia.

The big group of ships off the east coast of America is the Auriga deployment which has since ended but it'd be good to know about for your interview.

Gulf ships are there for mine hunting/stability/ training.

Gulf of aden/Somalia - anti piracy.

Home waters OPVs - fisheries.

Most of the ships can do some kind of disaster/humanitarian relief even if it's just lending a hand with a helo.

Most of the deployments can be found out by reading navy news, the news, or just by searching google. Let us know if there's any specific ships/tasks you are struggling to find out about.

I guess this really should be in Newbies but I'm sure a mod will move it.
Many thanks, there's enough reading material to keep me going through the night there! :)

PS: Already got a copy of that chart, printed it out onto A3 at work and got it stuck on my wall here to learn along with the ranks and training routes etc. :lol:
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