Current locations of RFA vessels?


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Thanks, I was aware of that link already its not as handy as the map the have for RN ships, though after flicking through I think i'll be able to get a good enough idea of their current deployments from the news feed at the bottom after all from it
Was asked at SIFT for my RN application if I knew what RFA vessels were currently in The Gulf, didn't know of course so would like to be prepared if asked this again at AIB

thanks soleil thats a useful link too
Ok thats a fair one. It would be quite acceptable to say that ships ... as reported in the last edition of Navy News or mentioned on the MoD website etc. The board will not expect you to know the exact location due to OPSEC (Operational Security).

As a general rule of the thumb if it's been reported in the media from an official MoD source it's safe to comment on. Good luck with your next board.


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Thank you, yeah I got some quite in depth questions about the Marines and RFA on my sift, though I think they just keep asking more and more in depth until you don't know the answers will be keeping everyone posted on my AIB


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FFS, where is the common sense. Page should be deleted immediately. Like right now.
There's no stopping it mate. During my last draft we broke down in the Solent, one of the JR's was staying in a hotel on Southsea sea front on leave, saw us coming back in and it was all over FB before we hit the wall. Said person was a good hand too, just thoughtless, got a ticking off from the old man, but nothing more.
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