Current location of Illustrious and Ark Royal?

On 31 July, I took the ferry from Portsmouth to Cherbourg.

Looking at my photos, I have one of Illustrious or Ark Royal docked on the port side of HMS Invincible.

Can a board member help me as to which of the other carriers this would have been.

alfred_the_great said:
What's the pennant number: RO6 (ILLUSTRIOUS) or RO7 (ARK ROYAL)....
Thanks to both posters for their help.

The pennant number was not visible. The carrier was docked in the opposite direction from Invincible. My photo only shows the rear of the questioned carrier.

PM me an email address and I'll email you the photo.
ARK has phalanx on her port quarter (with a white dome on top of the gun); LUSTY has Goalkeeper, a much larger weapon system with the mount on a raised level. Stick the phot on here and us ship spotters can help you out!!!
Thanks again for the help.

Phalanx is visible on the port side, so it must be Ark Royal. It didn't occur to me they differed in this regard.

I'll post the photo if I can figure how to do it. My URL of my photo hosting isn't working when I try to post it.

When you add your next post to the thread, look at the two rows of icons above the blank space for your typing. Bottom row, far left, is an icon which looks like two mountains with the sun rising behind them. Hover over it and you will see the word "Image". Click on it: A little window opens asking you to "Please enter image URL".

If you copy and paste your photo's URL into that window, we should be able to see your pic.
Perhaps these will help:


HMS Illustrious at Portsmouth 12 Aug 09[/align]


HMS Ark Royal at Portsmouth 12 Aug 09[/align]
Here are my photos. All were taken 31 July 2009.

I led myself and others on a wild goose chase for a while. It appears I have photographed all three carriers.

The first shot is Invincible and HMS Nottingham.

Next is Invincible and the decommissioned HMS Exeter. There is no carrier alongside Invincible.

Next is Invincible and HMS Edinburgh

The final shot is my questioned photo. It appears we have Ark Royal to the right, because of the Phalanx. But the carrier to the left in that photo must be Illustrious. It appears to have white canvas on it similar to the shot of the Illustrious on 12 August posted by Naval_Gazer.

Thanks to all for your help.

Mix - the ships will be at a required readiness state, and the Engineers (and Warfaries) will ensure she can be deployed within that period. That readiness may range from 24 hours to 180 days....

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