Current First Sea Lord?

angrydoc said:

The RN website - who'd have guessed it?
Well fcuk my tall hat, theres a surprise who`d o throught it was that easy to find the answer :roll:
Well i just googled it and the first link i found was the Royal Navy website. And you are saying you cant find the answer, hell i can find Russian wives for sale if you want one.?
StixJimboRM said:
nomnomnom said:
In my copy of 'Broadsheet' it says it's Sir Jonathon Band....? Now i'm confused.
What is the date of your Broadsheet? (I would lay money that it is Jan 2009 and has a picture of HMS Daring on the cover???)

They are allowed to promote people between each publication of Broadsheet you know :roll:
Haha. Yes thats the one, i just realised it's out-of-date. Hence the speedy edit.
FAO 'witsend'

As delightful as the young lady in your signature is, it makes it a little awkward when browsing in a public place. Any chance she can stick some clothes on??

Muchos gracias
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