Current Deployments

I am studying for my interview and I am having trouble finding the reasons why we are deployed in certain locations

HMS Iron Duke is doing a lot of piracy and drug busting.
HMS Monmouth is protecting Iraqi oil platforms
Operation TELIC

I have looked at the Current Deployments Map on the Navy Website but it just shows where the ships are and not details on the reasons.

Ships around Cyprus, why?
Saudi Arabia, why?
Suez, why?
Italy, again why?

If people could help me with why we are in certain locations and what we are doing there.
I would be glad of the help.

Formal Interview on the 16th....



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Although it would not be savvy to discuss specific naval operations in a public forum, the areas you mention are common transit or operating areas for RN and NATO warships:

Italy - many bases in southern Italy/Sicily used by RN warships transiting the Mediterranean or conducting NATO alliance exercises.
Cyprus - used a stores/fuel/decompression stop to and from the Middle East, prior to transiting the Suez Canal.
Suez Canal - used to transit to/from the Mediterranean enroute to/from Middle East and East Africa areas.
Saudi Arabia - within the AOR for coalition vessels conducting various operations to/from the NAG (Northern Arabian Gulf), as with many other 'friendly' Gulf States (i.e. Oman, Bahrain, Dubai, etc.).

Good luck with the interview, and welcome to RR. :thumbleft:

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