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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Rolotp, Jun 2, 2009.

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  1. Where can I find out about current deployments incase they ask me at my interview? i have the lastest copy of the navy news and im reading through it but is there a more up-to-date source on the internet?

    cheers :)
  2. Try the RN website, if it ain't on there you don't need to know
  3. Just listen to pissed up matelots in Portsmouth pubs!!!!
  4. Afgan and Iraq are two places that spring to mind, as for ship deployments best ask the matlots, but iraq troops are gradually leaving.
  5. Not even 2 mins of looking on the Royal Navy website and you can find all the answers you need! Try for starters
  6. ...and if you can't be bothered to read there's always,

    for a map with dots on it and also a video.

    The video is very much out of date though (Nov 2008) so don't believe everything it says. The map is fairly accurate.
  7. Even i dont know all the deployments but even i can think of a few obvious ones and i have not even looked at the web site, you just need to keep up with current affairs.
  8. Even I?

    Secretary of State or something?
  9. Dont you have anything better to do than picking up on spelling mistakes or comments ?
  10. I don't think he was picking up on your spelling, more that you used the term "even I". This is generally used when there is specific reason why you would know more than the person you are responding to.
  11. Or, if all else fails, just ask a local taxi driver......

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