Current, Correct, (and most effective) Method of Joining RMR


It's been some time since I researched this in detail so I am looking for someone (AFCO?, CMR?, Tooth Fairy?) who can lay down the current application process for RMR. I ask this as I need to advise potential recruits and am finding myself increasingly confused by recent changes.

Since the introduction of Datafarce, the process has become increasingly opaque and having spoken to several AFCOs there seems to be a distinctly black hole that swallows PRs before they have even started. Basically they disappear before even the AFCO learns of them. Now I understand that PRs are being turned away and redirected to apply online as the only route.

What I want is to be able to say to PRs, "Right Fella, do this, then this and you will be invited to attend a gym test, a Det presentation evening and an audience with the Pope" etc etc.

Back in the day it was: Walk into an AFCO, mention RMR, do some pullups, watch a video, fill out the paperwork and await the opportunity to bleed from the ears during a PRMC.

So, can an informed source please lay it down in simple terms from start to PRMC (PRC). I suspect that if I am confused then this might become a useful sticky as I will not be alone.

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Would be interested in seeing some replies here as I'm considering joining RMR currently. When I called the hotline the woman knew less about it than me (which should have been pretty difficult as I know hardly anything!) I've been told to wait for an email to attend a presentation evening. That was a week ago and still I wait. In the mean time I'm working hard to get my runs done in the required time...


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Selection for the RMR pretty much mirrors regular RM but the main differences are attestation after interview, the addition of a holding troop (phys preps & basic fieldcraft training- after passing the medical), the fact there may only be a couple of PRMC(R)s a year, there's usually only the one Recruit Troop a year and Recruit Training (RT) takes places mostly over weekends, it takes about 12-14 months to gain a green beret. Rather surprisingly, even though a trained rank RMR Commando can deploy with an operational unit, if he wants to transfer to the regular service, he needs to undergo RT from scratch.

TPUK replaced Dataforce last Sept.

The selection sequence is:

Call TPUK 03456 00 14 44. Attend Initial Maritime Reserves presentation at local RMR unit.

Go to RN website, careers, apply, select RMR, fill out eligibility criteria.

TPUK emails link & you complete online application.

AFCO emails call-in for recruit test.

After passing recruit test, AFCO books selection interview.

After interview, undertake eyetest return optician report form & medical questionnaire to AFCO. Medical appointment booked -

Attestation after passing interview.

Start attending Holding Troop at RMR unit.

After passing the medical, the PJFT must be booked & passed within 28 days. RM PJFT - 2 x 1.5 mile runs on a treadmill, 2 degree incline. First run in less than 12 mins 30 secs. One minute break. Second run in lass than ten mins.

Commence Security Clearance.


Start RMR Recruit Training.
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