Current application timeframe for Divers

Hi to all,

I was just wondering what the rough current timeframe is between applying as a Diver and starting basic training?

The reason I ask is that I applied in 2009, but in all honesty I didn't train hard enough. I'd like to try again being a bit older and (hopefully) wiser. As I recall, there was a huge slowdown on recruitment around that time. How is it now?

I've just started training and I've promised myself I won't make the same mistakes as last time - this time I won't apply until I'm fit enough to stand a good chance at PEDA.

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Once you complete the generic Ratings selection process, the wait for a PDA is anything between 12-18 months.

After passing PDA, you usually start Initial Naval Training the following term.
To be totally upfront, nothing. A 24 month application process seemed like an eternity back then. I didn't train hard enough and totally wasted the recruiters time. I put off the PJFT a few times and ended up getting "candidate lacks commitment" on my file if memory serves. I think at 19 I liked the idea of being a diver far more than I liked the discipline needed to get there. I ended up walking away from the application. I was an idiot at 19. Huge respect for the guys here that actually knuckled down and did it.

I went into the casino business, achieved a few career goals there and I've been pretty happy. The appeal of clearance diving never went away though, and I'm ready to give it a proper go. I'm 26 now, but I don't want to get to 32 and literally not be able to pursue it, then regret it forever.

Plan right now is to do a couple months of running and crossfit, then take an objective look at my fitness. If I'm getting where I need to be, I'll visit the AFCO.


I certainly hope so! I was a dealer for a few years first then went into surveillance. Still in surveillance now. The shifts and days off leave a lot of room to train, which will be useful.
Yep, shell out 10s of thousands up front with absolutely NO guarantee of ever getting a diving job or even getting offshore without experience - huge catch 22 situation.

And don't even consider recreational SCUBA work unless you like being paid peanuts, albeit while working and living in great locations.
My oppo, ex MEM(M) is a North Sea Diver. He says that there's plenty of work for him at the moment.
My oppo, ex MEM(M) is a North Sea Diver. He says that there's plenty of work for him at the moment.
I don't doubt it for one moment DD, but it is very much who you know and luck that gets the 'first job' under your belt. Then paying off all the training courses that make a student loan seem like a Wonga deal.

Now, ROV drivers - that's a different story.
Just to let you know about time frame i applied to be a diver last November I was also told about it being a 2 1/2 year wait for PDA however mine was last month. I passed and now i've got an entry date for February.
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