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Current Affairs - Potential SIFT Questions


*Originally posted in the recruitment section, however, I haven't had any replies yet. Thought this forum maybe more appropriate...

Hello all,

I'm applying for the role of Warfare Officer. Recently passed my psychometric and eye test, waiting for PJFT and medical dates. Currently preparing for the SIFT interview global affairs section, strung together a few possible questions from recent news and what has been mentioned in the SIFT posts before. Please let me know if you think I've missed any, alternatively if any I have mentioned aren't likely to be asked.

  • How will Brexit impact the United Kingdom and Europe?
  • What is Trident, why is it important and do you agree with it?
  • Explain the current situation in Syria
  • Discuss the tension between the West and Russia
  • Explain the tensions between Israel and Palestine
  • There has recently been an alliance between Israel and Arabs, what are the implications of this?
  • Why is North-Korea considered a threat to the modern world?
  • Explain the cause and effects of the recent exodus of migrants through Europe
  • What was the Arab Spring and what caused it?
  • What operations are currently going on in Afghanistan?
  • How does the political situation in Iran affect the international community?
  • What operations are taking place in the Middle East?
  • What is the importance of the Middle East to the UK?
  • Explain the tensions in the USA surrounding Trumps election and how it might manifest in the future
  • Jeremy Corbyn has become increasingly popular recently, what opinions does he have?
  • What naval operations are focused on Piracy and where are they taking place?
  • What naval operations are focused on Counter-Terrorism and where are they taking place?
One word.


Not 'do a trump', moreso, discuss your understanding why the rayon-haired, misogynist, bigoted dickwipe was elected, how gash the US electoral college system is as a vanguard of democratic presidential selection, why the Democrats are partially to blame for putting forward a flawed, capitalist shyster instead of a safe, baton-carrying moderate, what aspects of the American collective mindset allowed this proto-fascist to have his abnormally small digits hovering over the buttons which control the tools of global destruction and what his next move might be tomorrow if his Viagra fails tonight and he doesn't manage to fulfil his conjugal rite with his immigrant, in-no-way-working-for-Putin missus.

Off you go. Good luck.

I recently sat my SIFT interview for Marine Engineer Officer back in January and I'm preparing for my AIB on the 27th of Feb. I didn't get asked those type of questions..... The interviewer seemed to be checking I had the right capabilities to continue on to the AIB and gave me advice on how to answer my interview questions better and what to expect, that sort of thing. I'm assuming they ask the above in the AIB interview?
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