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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Stirling, Mar 29, 2013.

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  1. In order to vent your spleen on these threads you could reply with a number if the subject/poster pisses you off.

    1. Crayoning twat

    2. Osstrayleun

    3. Cunt

    4. Splitarse/selective memory

    5. Cunt

    6. Lying bastard

    7. Fucktard

    8. Fuckwit

    9.Take your head for a shit

    10. Stirling/fucking lunatic

    add some I may have missed.
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  2. I think there should be an 'unlike/dislike' option.....along with a 'WTF' ...'FFS'...'wind yer neck in'.
  3. 11, 12, and 13 then.
  4. [serious head on]

    Actually, I have seen that in action on a different forum and it ended up that certain posters were getting red-dotted (stand fast STC recruits, different meaning applies here) based solely on who they were even though their post was quite reasonable. That forum has now, by popular request, been updated and follows the now-standard "like" function option only.

    The argument was made that if users disagreed with a point made then they should post a reply to voice this, rather than hide behind anonymity. Seemed to make sense.

    [/serious head off]
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  5. I have been considering the 'dislike' option for a while...............but I agree with your point Dredd, thanx for that......a 'dislike' could turn into a personality 'bitching session'...........far better to express your 'dislike' with a rational counter viewpoint..........much more grown up.......anyway, you can't beat a well reasoned 'put down'.
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  6. I am not a very good wordsmith and thick as mince so a rcv is beyond me and I would probably be made to look a number 3 and 7 in any reasoned debate, hence the idea of numbers.
  7. Just tell 'em to fcuk off Stirl...............yorkshiremen don't piss about.....ay up !
  8. I'll stay down here in the basement among the rodents (Gash Barge/Lils) and leave
    all the serious stuff to those that actually give an airborne sexual swear-word
    about what happens in the real world.
    I do admit to crayoning - but realised that I was just making a pillock out of
    myself, so I shall behave and do my best to maintain my status as a raving
    perverted, drooling lunatic with nothing really sensible to say anymore.

    Yours Sincerely,

  9. True, had 2 bits of good news yesterday and was a bit bunged up so went to celebrate with just a couple of pints/much needed laxative. More good news, the local had budget cut the pint by a penny, bad news was an old drinking buddy was in and invited me to join his party. John is a nasty piece of work and has done time for manslaughter so you do not say no to him if you want to keep your teeth. Ditting on with him he seems to have calmed down after his stretch, when his mate can get a word in he ask me which pubs I frequent, ''Very rare I drink nowadays as I am mentally ill'', well that broke the ice and John was a bit shocked that I had come out with it to a complete stranger. After that the afternoon took off, like being back on the mess with all the banter, only had 7 pints but I was wobbly as fuck...................mega day.
  10. BZ Stirling. Happy for you.

  11. Cheers Bill/Ernie.

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