Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by jackf, Jun 27, 2007.

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  1. Hi Guys I'm off to Cyprus next Wedneday, for a week and I'm wonderin what currency to take. Half the Island is in the EU so that would mean the Euro but I'm told, they use the Cyprus pound as well, on top of that I'm also told that they prefer the Engish Pound as they get a better return. Any ideas as to the best currency to take...... :thanks:

    Submariners do it deeper
  2. English pounds it always is anywhere, or was .
  3. at the moment the currency is the Cypriot pound in the Republic (south). Next year they are changing to the Euro. If you ar going to the south dont waste your money on the pathetic exchange rates here. There are lots of little gizzit shops there that will change your money for you. I was there a month ago and was getting 0.84 to the pound compared to the .80 back here. by the way you get less for a jock pound than an english one for some reason.
  4. Where's Jenny when you really need her?

    I'm here, this bl00dy PC is too slow today!
  5. So the're not yet euro, Great...... that mean just the good old english folding stuff.
    Thanks guys :whew:
  6. If you are going to cross into Northern Cyprus then Turkish Lira would be useful if you are going for a day or two. If you are just going for the afternoon/evening then most cafe bars accept Cypriot pounds or even Sterling.
  7. Having been based there for 3 years recently. Cypriot pounds are good for both the North and South parts of Cyprus. The Turks in the North will take anything however, the Greeks in the South will not take Turkish Lira on principle. The border is now open to go "over the North" however, you'll need to get insurance at the border crossing (if your in the forces now then go to one of the 4 local NAAFI's on Island and get a days insurance from them, its miles miles cheaper). If you need anymore advice then PM and I should be able to help you.
  8. What if your ex forces, me and the misses are just coming up to 60
  9. Then you won't be able to get onto any of the 5 bases out there with (4 with NAAFI's) to get cheaper car insurance. If you are going over the North then the 3 (I think its 3 now) border crossing points have many Turks trying to sell you insurance for the day for your hire car. I think a day through them is about £25-30, a year from the NAAFI was under that!!!
  10. Cyprus pounds is the currency, Euros are not actaully being accept as of yet (there isn't a set exchange rate with them, Euros are supposed to come in Jan 2008, running along side the Cyp pound for a year, depends on how Mr. Papadopolous wants it, he is throwing major teddy fits recently). Some hotels will take Euros but this is not a gaurentee.

    The north is in Lira, they do accept cyprus pounds but be ready for the dirty look they give you and the short change! However, you will not find any where in the S.Cyprus that will exchange your money into Cyp-Turk Lira or back.

    As for car insurance, you can not get your car insured on the south part to go on the north part, hire car wise that is. All borders are eligible for crossing, you just need your passport, you will be given a visa which will need to be stamped upon return. However, keep in mind if you are not EU/Cyp then you will need to gain permission from the correct Embassey before crossing.
  11. If you wish to spend time in the North then exchange your money at one of the banks in Lefkosa. Exchange rate is better than you will get in the UK.
    The North gives far better value for food, drinks and ciggies than the South. In fact I used to see British soldiers frequently buying packs of 200 ciggies (very cheap). Don't know how the South treat them for duty purposes though.
  12. NO BANKS or exchange agencies will let you exchange any funds into Turkish Lira or Lira for the North side.

    Esp in Nicosia!
  13. Jenny
    The banks on the North side will change most currencies. However the shops on the North side in Lefkosa accept most currencies. I bought gold with some sterling travellers cheques and received my change in British Pounds and pence. Magic.
    Gold is a good buy as like Turkey it is sold be weight with only a small percentage of the items value representing the workmanship. It's a much better quality than the crap sold in the UK
  14. Sorry Slim, I thought you were referring to the S.Cyprus, not the North. My bad!

    Before exchanging on the North side, do your home work and find out what the exchange rate is before, they really do like short changing people!
  15. Mmmmm I think I'll give the north side a miss this time round.
    It looks like there is going to be a serious bone of contention there when Turkey comes to join the EU.
  16. I worked in the North Jenny and found the residents nice people, completely different to the Turks. In fact the only things that Northern Cypriots and Turks have in common is the language and religion, though I found very few who actually practised the religion. The banks exchange rates are the same as anywhere else in the civilised world the difference is that the fee for the exchange is extremely small.
  17. Any vehicle (especially with a Brit inside!) will be searched by the Greek part of the checkpoint and they will confiscate any contraband. You can only bring back a certain amount of (non Turkish made) goods.
  18. Depends where you by the food, the N.side do extremely good Kebabs, esp in the old famagusta town. You can by a mixed traditional kebab and 2 JD's n cokes for £4 cyp pound! But then again, it's a different food!

    As for the booze and cigs, you can only bring back something like 200 cigs and 2 litres of alcohol or something silly. So if you are thinking of bringing loads back, hide it!

    As for the weather, be careful, it's been 40/41/42 in Nicosia and only a few degrees lower the rest over. We're are having a big heat wave for this time of year, apparently it's supposed to calm down by YESTERDAY but it didn't! So extra sunblock, bottled water and stay out of the sun as much as you can, apparentl supposed to be late 40's next week :rambo:
  19. thanks jenny for rubbing our noses in the fact that most of us back here are under a few feet of water. :relax:
  20. And it's getting submariners love it...sorry ex.

    Jenny where's the best place to go shopping, I don't mean for the tourist stuff, basically I've got two women with me, who, at some point will want to be let lose on the shops I was thinking Nicosia but maybe you know different.
    Also I was told this morning that the Army base at Larnaca is open, by that, I mean you can drive straight in without being checked. there's a Fish & chips shop in there, run by a British bloke and very good apparently, any input on that?

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