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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by rod-gearing, Jun 12, 2009.

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  1. Just wondering,whats the correct way for curling a rope down?
    Is it right handed down or left handed down?

    I await the results with anticipation.
  2. Ropes are coiled clockwise in both the northern and southern hemispheres
    As taught at Ganges.
    Turds on the other hand are coiled down clockwise in the northern hemisphere and anticlockwise in the southern hemispere..except for sickbay tiffs who seem to do it any way they like,if they can identify the pan.
  3. Err, in the singers area of the S.Hemisphere turds are not usually the norm as far as I recollect. (Think back) Sh*t was normally measured in Imp pints. 8O
    The nearer to UK , solidification began to occur, until finally you came along side in Pompey and usually it was then that you realised you were home. Tough Sh*t. 8O :D
  4. Was it not measured in gallons if one partook of the egg banjos, cooked over the diesel fuelled drums?
  5. You are of course correct, I was mearly being polite so as not to alarm any delicate little c*nts. :D

    I have always been delicate towards youngsters, as I had three of my own, one of each. 8O :D
  6. In the RNXS we were taught to cheese our ropes with the pointy bit facing port..... I recall. Then again, my recollections might be back-to-front.... :oops:
  7. As has been mentioned, correct. However the E.U. have since declared that it will be measured in Litres, and the elf & safety exec have added that containers must not exceed 3 litres.
  8. The bastard who took a dump in my dustpan when he couldn't be bothered using the shoreside heads in Chatham just folded it in half.
  9. Most probably a Devonport rating, Chatham ratings would have missed. Let alone folded it in half :oops:

    Slim, is there a limit to the amount of 3litre containers one can use?
  10. Seeing as how you mention the Elf and shufty, would it not be f*ckin great if you could get a 1960's pussers grey to pull up at south railway jetty now and let health and safety straight onboard.
    Then look at the list, if they survived to make one.
    This is on thread as they would be shittin themselves. 8O :D :D :D
  11. Congratulations Rumrat.. I agree. That was a nice "Follow through" 8)
  12. 'Strongarm' bitter from Camerons had the tendancy to make your dead otter about 18 inches long and you had to rise off the pan just to get shut,
    they were a bastard to flush aswell.
  13. ......Hartlepool again 8O
  14. Thought you had a monkey to help get it round the bend, Oh sorry forgot, the monkey got hung :p
  15. Doesn't anything over twelve inches long and weighing more than 6lb have to be lowered by block & tackle?
  16. I got a bit excited there,.. I thought at first you said the monkey was "Well hung". :(
    I was about to ask you to get back on thread, we were discussing shite and we don't want to be side tracked by trivia.
    Or well hung monkeys, I get a bit jealous. 8O :oops:

    And as for Block and Tackles that part is valid as it comes down to "Discharge".. by Purchase. :oops: :oops: :D
  17. Quote Rumrat:-
    I got a bit excited there,..

    You applying to be a Libdem MP now?

    I know it's a shitty job, but someone has to do it.
    I'm told the expenses are pretty good, too.
  18. I seem to recall that the S/R mess at excellent had a turd of the most monstrous proportions (Found on the parade ground) Lacquered and mounted on a wall plaque? Does anyone recall seeing it?
  19. I was a messman in the SR mess up the Island so I woulden't have noticed any shit on the walls. 8O
    Or anywhere else, we played snooker. :oops: :D
  20. What did you use for cues?

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