Curious questions about 'AFCO Doctors'.

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by TheAaronP, Oct 21, 2008.

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  1. So, ive read lots of things here, how AFCO Docs differ from regular ones, as their experience differs etc.

    I went for my medical today, i saw a regular GP, who didn't appear to know anything about the RN. She had a nice big folder, with lots of information in it, scanned in sheets, photocopies and print outs.

    We went through the medical, everything was fine but i was surprised to hear things like "well im not sure if this will pass or fail you, i'd ring Occ Health (the RN one?) but they arent around today". She kept referring back to her folder, which appeared to give her the answers.

    So, are the AFCO Doctors just regular GP's, who have some guidelines to follow in a folder? Do they have any experience with regards to the Forces? Or was this just an exception here?

    Also, not that i was overly bothered per say, but i was surprised that i had a female Doctor inspect my little soldier (excuse the pun), like ive never heard of a male doctor inspecting a females bits when it comes to this ind of medical... but maybe thats normal?

    I just ask these questions, as i keep reading how AFCO Doctors are so ttally different than regular GP's etc, and how you shouldnt be taking your GP's advice etc etc, when in my case, my regular GP is my AFCO Doctor!
  2. Whatever the answers are in this case it doesn't appear to inspire confidence in her ability - does it? Maybe she was a Newbie.


  3. If you are as annoying when you join the Navy as you are on here I feel for your fellow messmates.

    However, doctors in the AFCO's are GP's. They are working to the guidlines that are laid down in "nice big folders". Any GP who starts any new process obviously has to become familiar with the new rules and regulations that he/she comes across. They cannot be expected to know every specific rule or regualtion that covers all circumstances. They will however be familiar with the more common instances that will not allow someone to pass the medical. If she was looking at the "nice big folder" it is because she was being thorough (as I am sure you would want her to be) as laid down by the navy.

    The doctor does not need to know anything about the navy but does need to know about what is acceptable medically for entry in to the navy.

    It's common policy for female applicants to be chaperoned during the medical but not the other way around. Most blokes would be happy to have their Little Soldier inspected by a female. Are you trying to tell us something?

    In the case of your GP being the AFCO doctor is only a coincidence. Only a very few are contracted to do the job on behalf of the Navy, and lucky old you, yours was one of them. Don't expect him to give out advice on the Navy medical requirements during his normal GP working hours, as he wouldn't get paid for it.

    Nice to know that you passed the medical and that when you join we will have at least 9 weeks free from you on here.

    :toilet: :tp:
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    To follow on from the above: Doctors, contrary to popular misconceptions, are not omnipresent & have to refer to rules, regulations, standards, best practice & current advice from the individual specialists in each particular medical area of specialisation. The standards for entry, as repeated ad nauseum, differ from those acceptable elsewhere.

    The standards for entry change frequently & procedures for verification of acceptable standards change on an almost monthly basis to keep pace with medical development.

    Frankly I would rather be medically examined by a professional that confided that they would check the latest acceptable standards than one who glibly told me I was unfit for service without feeling the need for further investigation.
  5. Check out the stuck up his own ringpiece window licker picking up a registered proffesional at their own game.

    Dont U like women touching your plums?

    Love your walty avatar.

    See you back in Asdas stacking shelves, Nobody likes a gobby pre sprog.
    I give u 6 months.
  6. Cheers for that luke, much needed.
  7. Some very harsh treatment of the original poster going on here, I assume I have missed previous disagreements. To go back to the original post, the AFCOs use a local GP (who has been security cleared). Why did she even look at your penis never mind touch it. This has never been done to me either at AFCO or subsequent Navy medicals (I had one done less than 2 weeks ago). Nearest thing was the cough test to check for hernias. If a doctor had wanted to handle my penis I would have wanted it to be a female doctor as even for medical purposes the thought of a man touching me there is repulsive.
  8. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Security Clearance has got nothing to do with the Medical Examiners appointed, audited and trained by the Royal Navy & Royal Air Force to conduct medical examinations on behalf of their service counterparts to the service standard. Being cleared to "secret" is hardly relevant, and therefore not a pre-requisite.

    Some are ex-Navy/ex-RAF/ex-Army, some are serving RNR, etc., but in any case, all medical cases which require a definitive specialist decision, are referred to the Senior Medical Officer (Service Entries) who is a currently serving Naval Officer.

    Ultimately they are better qualified to do the job than those that think they know better. An untrained civilian GP is frequently unaware of the service standards for entry unless they have undergone a Fleet Enrolled Medical Officers' course

    The only individuals that find fault, funnily enough, are usually those that are not passed fit.
  9. More importantly, did she have big boobies?!? Well, did she? :downtown: :w00t:
  10. Perhaps the doctors who conducted your medicals didn't find you attractive. ;)
  11. Ah perhaps that is true, but the AFCO I joined through was in Northern Ireland, and the GP had been security cleared, not to do with Navy secretes, but for the personal security of applicants.
  12. Quote Aron p
    Also, not that i was overly bothered per say, but i was surprised that i had a female Doctor inspect my little soldier (excuse the pun), like ive never heard of a male doctor inspecting a females bits when it comes to this ind of medical... but maybe thats normal :w00t: :thumright: She was just checking youve got one!!!!! Snotty :thumright: Its hard to tell nowadays??
  13. Scouse, maybe its a prerequisite to have a set of balls to enter the RN nowadays. ;)

    Either way i don't know, i had to lie down on my front, she felt my stomach (not sure why this was), then asked if it was ok if she could move my boxershorts down just to check something.

    Thanks for the answers, this was never a moan or gripe, just curious as it seems the general perception is that the AFCO Doctors are highly specialised and are somewhat 'above' regular GP's.
  14. Aaron, I think you've been raped :dwarf:
  15. She felt your stomach area to as a way of checking for hernia as is when they cup your balls and get ya to cough
  16. Quote Aron p :thumright: Scouse, maybe its a prerequisite to have a set of balls to enter the RN nowadays. :thumright: Maybe not :dontknow: at BRNC :whew: Snotty. I will have to get a second opinion from Potential Occifer :thumright:
  17. That sounds a little portentous, Aaron. That aside: she may have been screening you for testicular cancer.
  18. You can refuse to be examined: all examinations, tests etc must have your informed consent. Having said that, the fact you turned up for an entry medical implies your consent. By the very nature of a general medical examination to assess suitability for entry, it will be relatively comprehensive. We don't do 'quick glance, don't really care what I find' medicals.

    Regarding who should do them (ie uniformed or civvy), there are not enough MOs to do the stuff we currently do and entry medicals. In addition, base port sickbays usually have 2-3 civilian medical practitioners (ie civvy GPs) who work alongside their uniformed counterparts. I see no issue as long as the JSP (guidance) is followed correctly. Anecdotally, I have heard of no issues.
  19. I think aaron is complaining he couldnt get his bits out to a male..... in other words.
    I have had female docs look at my tackle before and Ill soon let them fly out, males I have had look at too which I feel worse off so it being a female mate then you surely cannot complain!!
  20. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Back in the mists of yonder, I used to share a flat with a Naval Nurse who worked in the GU clinic at Haslar. ("Dangly-bits Restitution Technician" or whatever they are now called).

    To her complete amazement, the amusingly optimistic matelot, whose syphillitic bits she was examining , asked her out for a date.

    Good man :thumright:

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