Curiosity killed the cat...

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Slickvik, Nov 18, 2011.

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  1. So... Im new here and to be honest im on the snoop...
    Ive fallen head over heels with this RMC and apparently him me. But theres just some things that dnt quite add up. Hes due to be deployed to afghan in next few weeks and im going to wait for him but i need to know if hes genuine before he goes without plain out asking if hes lying! dont wanna be setting myself up for heartache here. He says this is his 5th tour, and he got back early May of this yr from Helmand. I cant find any information of any marines returning home from tour around that time... he says hes in training atm in plymouth and waiting to hear of his deployment date in the next few weeks...

    I dunno wat it is, but im really interested in the special forces so i ask alot of questions and his answers never really seem to add up.

    What do u think? Any MArines in plymouth atm waiting for deployment that returned from last tour in May of this yr???
  2. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    ATM means arse to mouth. He's telling the truth.
  3. RMs arn't Special Forces just Speshul!:slow:
    It is entirely probable that your new friend is off on tour again, especially if you've let him kick your backdoors in.
  4. You are NMC/Welchy/cunto/journo and I therefore claim my 5 Euros.
  5. What a delightful bunch of fellas! haha my backdoors remain intact thanks very much :) but yea thanks for answering me. You seem pretty sure hes tellin the truth, he may well have been a wannabe :p
  6. ^^^^ This has me completly confused :S
  7. He's lying, unless he's working with the rifles and is back on R and R. It's a funny time to be taking R and R though.

    And so was I.
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  8. Na he says hes in training now. Some things he says really make sense and i totally believe hes genuine but then he comes off with something like that hes in 45 commando (are they not based in Scotland??) and says forty five rather than four five. It baffles me. Im beginning to think hes maybe in the military but nit the Marines... And then i wonder why he'd lie??
    Annoys me cos i never expected anything off him, jus got talking bout my dads para reg history n maybe hes feeding off tht??? Weird...
  9. He's a liar, name and shame! Do it.
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  10. Can ya jus ask the guy... hey wats ur service number???

    It was forty five tht threw me first n now im suspicious of everything.
    I really hope he's not lying, he seemed like a cracking guy :-/
    Awwwwwwwk! **** sake lol
  11. Haha check u guys out teachin how to be even sneakier! My lil helpers.
    Think is iv not met him yet, met online n wer planning on it wen he gets home. Jus a shame is all. If he's lyin I'll name shame and post pics lmao
  12. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I'm with Monty on this. If your fella is banging on about how great he is, ask when he did his underwater knife fighting course at Poole. That'll get him. Shame this fool. I'm a really caring type of guy by the way.
  13. Could this guy be STC and just trying to throw this lass off the scent? Either that or a Steward who bitten too many pillows!
  14. lol ok, between us all we'll figure this guy out. Do u really do underwater knife fighting??? Wow see this is the sorta shit he shid b impressing me with!!! :D
  15. Wats an STC????
  16. tam


    From what you say this chap is full of shit, if he says that he is serving with 45 ask him which company he is in, let us know then we can move on to the next stage of the investigation.
  17. I was. Which bit of "on-line" are you referring to when you say you met him?
    I bloody hope it wasn't a World of Warcraft forum.
  18. Lmao nooooo just a chat site. Wat does stc stand for tho???

    He said Bcompany 42 commando. But im pretty sure he said 45 before... I cnt b 100% certain but i remember thinking the Scotland link ;)
  19. tam


    More accurate info required, to be a good liar you need a good memory.

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