Cures for insomnia

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by soleil, Jan 12, 2010.

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  1. All suggestions gratefully received.
  2. Turn to alcohol, it worked for me.

    Edited to add: and my Dad.
  3. At the moment I'm sleeping badly, and to solve this I opened my bedroom window to cool the room down, and was out like a light.

    2DD's suggestion of alcohol is more pleasurable though; go with that!
  4. Wine? Spirits?
  5. Whatever you fancy (might avoid a vodka and redbull though)! And not too much. I have a cognac
  6. Hmm that sounds nice ... perhaps I can mix it with some Babycham.
  7. Sex usually does it for me.Am snoring like a goodun before he has even finished lol
  8. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  9. 50 shiny pence and my fuel money Sol and I'll sort you out 8O :D
  10. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    Spend a standeasy talking to a Loggy about the interesting world of the Command Logistiiii xxxzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  11. Draft to a Crab Squadron!!!
  12. Forced to watch either Jonathan Woss/Strictly Come Dancing/Emmerdale/Corrie ten minutes and I am away. Until the nudge in the ribcage.
  13. Drink seems like the best option.

    Although i could lend you my mother in law. Just sit and have conversation with her and zzzzzzzzzz.

    Ps. If i lend her to you, she can not be returned.
  14. Problem with mother in laws is they smell, smelly knickers, silent farts always blaming the dog etc.

    Thought the poor old mother in law was smelling more normal when she used to live with us. The Doc reckons she had been dead a week.
  15. A couple of whiskey's does it for me
  16. Talking of whiskey, I have a slightly bone question.

    I don't drink whiskey much and my experience of it is limited.
    Unfortunately my grandfather passed away last year and we have been sorting out his stuff. In his house I found the following whiskey:

    Jonny Walker Black Label, with about 1/4 missing.
    Glenfiddich 12 year, unopened boxed.
    Glenfiddich 15 year, with about 1/4 missing.
    Glenmorangie 12 year, unopened boxed.

    Are any of these any good? More importantly are the ones that have been opened still drinkable? I can't verify their age.
  17. I find the best cure is a wetted towel stuffed in the other half's pie hole. Peace and quiet.
  18. They're all good ones IMO, the open ones should still be drinkable and there's only one way to find out :wink:
  19. They're all good ones IMO, the open ones should still be drinkable and there's only one way to find out :wink:

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