Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by Tall_bloke, Jun 2, 2008.

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  1. I'm just making a cuppa, and was wondering if anyone else wanted one?
  2. Julie Andrews please.

    Got any Hobnobs, or is it my turn?
  3. love one mate 2 sugars please :thumright:
  4. Got some Happy Shopper custard creams mate. Will they do?
  5. can dunk them and they don't break.
  6. You can dunk a custard cream, thats a wimp of a bisucit.

    Hobnobs, there the ones.

    They say "dunk me, go on I dare you"
  7. You get a lot of crap in your dregs with hobnobs though, chocolate digestives are where it's at.
  8. Go on then shippers, since you're twisting me arm... mine's a Whoopi Goldberg!
  9. If you can dunk rich tea you are very skillfull an deserve a medal :smile:
  10. Nothing wrong with getting a mouthful to chew (so Im told).

    Your digestives are wimps when it comes to dunking.
  11. Choccie hobnobs are obviously the way to go. Made of the same stuff they built the space shuttle with.
  12. I'm a marine engineer and you come in with a question like that?
    No brainer. Julie Andrews. Squeeze the tea bag until it hurts. Use 2 if you have to....
    Custard creams - the engineers' favourite.

    It's good to see that single-wetting is not prevalent here.
  13. Custard creams....that's not fair - they are double sided with cream in the middle...take longer to soak by far.
    Hobnobs....suk them first, then dunk, gets rid of all loose crumbs.
    Personally, I prefer oatcakes....less fat and sugar and good GSI all round...dry little fcukers though, so best off with a mouthful of coffee.
  14. Yes Pussers Oaty's out of the NAAfi box the S&S keep hidden in their stores, Oh yer and T white one if your offering :thumright:
  15. Tea, white, one is now known as "NATO cutbacks"

    I.E. - NATO - Tea, white, two

    - NATO Cutbacks - Tea white, one

    Why am I explaining this, you would think I cared whether you get the right one or not!
  16. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Mmm, Biscuits Brown from Rat Packs... :twisted:

    By the way, how poor do you have to be to buy Lidl's own-brand Rich Tea biscuits?! :oops: :wink:
  17. don't know yet, but i hand my Id card in on Friday so i'll let you know :money:
  19. Like it. Good avatar too.

    Heather it is then.
  20. Absolutely gopping!! Do they still do those small containers of primula cheese that is always warm and sweaty when you peel the lid?? :puke:

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