Cumbrian shootings

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by guestm, Jun 2, 2010.

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  1. Aye been watching the news breaks on the one eye god today.

    Sad day for your area MLP
  2. no doubt when he's caught he'll get a piss poor sentance.
    Just heard 5 dead and 25 injured.
    What a dick!
  3. Nicely put Doughnut, keep up. He's done himself in FFS.
  4. He's dead you dribbling idiot.
  5. lol. well the bloke on the politics show never said that haha.
    my bad.. saying that though a death sentence is all he deserved.

  6. Nice one lightening
  7. Aaaah the caring side of the BNP rears it's ugly head. Justice by gunpoint.
  8. What a fuckin crying shame he's dead, he could have at least gone to Newcastle first and helped us out.
  9. Ha Ha fair one
  10. Devastating mate, have family in that area and everyone is in a proper state of shock.

    I was nearly in my car and up the line until mama MLP rang and said she was fine and she'd have filled him in anyway. :lol:
  11. I bet, still my thoughts with the community up there.
  12. Rather him be dead than us having to pay for his meals in prison anyway. Bring back hanging!
  13. Spot on!
  14. 12 confirmed dead & 25 in hospital

    RIP Marras
  15. anybody know why this came about or what it was over?
  16. Apparently he had business trouble, on top of this he had a massive arguement with other taxi drivers last night & appeared to have been the but of most taxi driver jokes
  17. He was obviously Gunning for some revenge (too soon? :) )

    Coat and taxi ordered
  18. How sweet.

    Pissy pants and shit-for-brains in unholy alliance.

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