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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by OBTaff, Apr 17, 2008.

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  1. Anyone have a contact name/telephone number/address for the above that they would like to share?

    Looking to offer the same courses to FAA as we do for the crabs :thanks:
  2. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    It's easy when you know how! I'm an investigator by trade, so I'll give you an inside tip: open "Google" and type in "culdrose education" and see what pops up... :roll:

    Learning Centre
    RNAS Culdrose
    TR12 7RH

    Tel No: 01326 552381
    Fax No: 01326 552606
  3. Ta - can your super investigative skills find a name to go with that too :thumright: ?
    Sorry but your sarcasm is wasted on me - if my sales dept can't be arsed to use google then neither can I :biggrin:
  4. SPB

    this is exactly what grips my shite every day - personnel (serving and non) who just dont think before posting or knocking on my door.

    when a new class joins it normally takes a few broken eggs before the remainder realise that maybe they ought to do a bit of legwork first before bothering me.

    if someone can google RR then surely its not too much too ask
  5. Why should I google RR? been a member here for aaages !
    Shame on me for wanting to help our AEM/AETs (Or whatever they're called these days) gain civvy qualifications
  6. youve got a sales team - dont make me laugh - what do they sell

    space, a waste of

    do you even know what your talking about - AEMS,AETS

    PS - you sales teams (if you have one) are googling porn all day long because their boss is a twat
  7. *yawn* very constructive
  8. thats a constructive reply - it usually means that youve realised that you fuc*ed up and wish to withdraw or the argument has progressed beyond your capabilities of thought process.

    so which is it

    and more to the point do you work for the RN, RAF or who.
  9. I have no wish to advertise the company I work for as I believe that would be contrary to the aims of this site.

    I know what an AEM was when I served.

    I would still like the name of the Education Officer (a simple request I thought) but resorting to petty name calling usually indicates the topic has progressed beyond the point of intelligent discussion.

    Thank you for your extremely valuable contribution to this thread - good to see that some things don't change. There was me thinking this was somewhere to share information - how naive!
  10. shippers

    you are a complete walt - if you had served then you would have had some modicum of common sense as to how the game was played - personally i think you have watched too much Ultimate Force

    ps the company name is Twats r us
  11. Shag Shacker get off the fence or you'll get splinters in your arse :thumright:
  12. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Feck me, you try to help someone... 8O

    Why is the name relevant? Just address your concerns for the attention of the Education Officer; he/she will respond accordingly... :roll:

    (Unless you are a troll?!) :?
  13. wtf are you on about ss? No wonder people just lurk!

    Simple request for a solid contact met with abuse & hostility. I don't have contacts at Cu - whereas I do at VL. You might not be interested in studying towards a Cat A Aircraft Engineering licence, but there may be others who would - others who would be put off from posting by the manner of the responses.

    I was trying to do this through the proper channels by making sure the info got to the right people without spamming the boards - obviously this is not how the 'game is played', I bow to your superior "knowledge" :worship:

    ... and there's no need for me to lie about my service history - plenty on here who know me.

    ... last time I try to do sales a favour - back to lurking!
  14. So really what you want to do is get the education officer to persuade the AETs to spend their education allowance plus some of their own cash with your company.
    Typical sales gimmick.
  15. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Ok, that's enough children, FAA not Diamond Lil's!

    OB Taff, no AEM's anymore or at least only a few lurking in the cupboard, the FAA have an all "technician" workforce now (yeh right!) So you may wish to consider that when your company assess them for any APEL with regard to licensing.

    If your company have a process that enables AET's to gain Cat A licensing then I would suggest you contact the Career Transition Partnership with regard to resettlement, I'm sure there are plenty of fools (oops I mean folks) interested in spending the rest of their lives chasing around the world for work in the aircraft industry when they leave. (Education officers don't do resettlement anymore, their time is now spent teaching people how to read and write, a quick trawl around the forums will confirm its necessity) Despite Shag Shackers attitude and crap jokes he is (or was) quite involved in licensing/ accreditation, or at least his job title suggested it - never answered his phone though!!
  16. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

  17. ive been on holiday to sunny (pissed down the last day) spain,

    your right i was a bit off with taffy and if he has a good enuff course then okay by me - its jus the fact that some people are traight onto here asking for help immeidiately and cant be bothered to seek and destroy first.

    this is especially true if you have "contacts" at VL.

    looking forward to listening to my telephone machine on sunday

    PS sorry chief tiff for upsetting you

    PPS finally of taff wants to ping me yes i do work in accreditation down south so will help anyway i can

    Right MODS is that enuff grovelling can i go and upset someone else now

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