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Culdrose busy Lunatic Hunting


The search has now been called off. Wreckage was found, and strongly believed to be that of the missing yacht, Seagair.
2 crews from 771 involved.


War Hero
They interviewed her husband on local telly this lunchtime and he seemed completely unconcerned and was 'certain' that she'd just called in some fishing village or similar on the way and would be fine, it was all slightly bizarre. Sadly it seems like he was a tad complacent.


War Hero
Looked to me like he may have had a stroke not so long ago?

It beggars belief that she set off on Sat evening, she can't have checked the forecast/current conditions? Brisk NW and a good wind swell running. It was calm as in Mousehole and the bay, but lumpy as fook on the North coast (west if you like), I was working on the beach in St Ives bay all day and not once did it strike me as a good sailing day.


The same crew were called out again last night.

Busy couple of days for these guys.
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