Culdrose- Britain's busiest SAR base.

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by Art the Fart, Jul 23, 2014.

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  1. Figures have now been released for the final year that Culdrose and other military bases will carry out these tasks.
    The Maritime and Coastguard Agency will do this in future.

    The figures for Culdrose make interesting reading.

    20 call-outs rendering assistance:- viz.

    2 military vessels
    15 fishing vessels
    3 Foreign-flagged vessels.


    211 call-outs rendering assistance to Civilians/Holidaymakers/animals
  2. Is there a link?

    Would be interested to know if this was 2013 as it seemed a busy old year last year.
  3. How come its only the crab ones you see in the news?
  4. Because we do all our work after 5pm and at weekends when the press and crabs are on the sofa in their slippers.
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  5. I went to Culdrose in 1965 , with the Volunteer Band from RNAS Yeovilton , for their Air Day ( ditto Brawdy in S Wales ) . The accomodation was DISGUSTING ; clapped-out old WW2 -style buildings with broken windows,cobwebs, cold showers etc. ; a local Cornish MP wrote in the newspapers that his pigs,on his pig farm,had better accomodation .David Penhaligon ?? Whereas the messes at HMS Goldcrest (Brawdy) in Lamb and Lister blocks was SUPERB ; only 6 to a mess, wooden furniture, large bed-spaces with mats ; I knew which I preferred !! (although Wales was "dry" on Sundays then !).
  6. The crab PR machine is streets ahead of pussers. Anyway even when CU SAR is used the press report it as a RAF helicopter or launched from RAF Culdrose. Can't win!!!
  8. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but I think its changed a bit since then
  9. Yes, I suppose it WAS "Character Building" ; at least it was no worse than Speckington Camp at Yeovilton was , 50 years ago ,when I lived there for 6 weeks when with HRH's "Royal Guard " .

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