Culdrose - Am I able to use gym facilities

Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by oldcolt, May 19, 2009.

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  1. I've just re-joined the TA (Rifles) and am training hard for my all arms commando course (reserves) next year. My business is located in Helston and I live in Penzance so getting access to a gym at a sensible time is a) tricky and b) expensive. From the last time I was in, I seem to remember that other servives could use the facilities at Culdrose subject to a pass etc being issued. Is this still the case and who should I approach/ contact numbers etc. Thanks! :)
  2. I seem to remember a couple of RAF gayers using the gym when I was there around 2001 mate so it may well still be the case, just ring the base and ask to be put through to the PTI's. It's a superb gym too.
  3. Think this may be the number:

    Sports Centre

    Phone: 01326 552265/ 01326 552404
  4. Thanks guys! :)
  5. Class! Bet they were using the mirrors and not the equipment?

  6. I think they were just there for a quick bum on the sunbed followed by a bit of c0ck watching in the showers. Dirty romping crab fcuks.
  7. You must of seen the same crabs I did when I was there in 2001 then lol
  8. Should get on well with you navy boys then?! :lol:
  9. Touche stabby, once you're allowed you can join in too. :wink:
  10. :eek:mfg: Note to self: remember not to pick up lone bars of soap in the showers!!!!!!
  11. You're in the rifles, don't pretend you ever go anywhere near the showers.
  12. Ouch! Ahhh, service stereotyping.... you just can't beat it. LOL :roll:
  13. Any news on the gym, OldColt?
  14. Yup! Rang the base, they are cool with it. Rang my unit who say they don't issue MOD90 until after we've completed our basic training!!!! Pointed out that it just MIGHT be helpful to allow recruits (even old bastards like me) access to gym facilities BEFORE they undertook an arduos physical course and they said they might make an exception and review the policy. So see you at the gym soon (if not in the showers!) soon :)
  15. OMG 8O ! An outbreak of common sense in the MOD! I've just been issued with my MOD 90 so that I can train using the facilities at Culdrose (or any other base that will let a pongo through the gates! :D
  16. My unit gave out chit in lieus before we completed basic which, when accompanied with some form of photographic ID, generally got you into places that knew you were coming. Guess it doesn't really matter now that you have the card though. Good luck on the course!

    Another great thing about the chit in lieu is that the Admin sergeant asked me what age i'd like to be rather than my date of birth. ;)
  17. Falsifying a legal document!!!! shame on you! :evil:

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