Culdrose Acquaint and BRNC November 09


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Hi there,
Just a quick post to see if anyone on here is going on the Culdrose Acquaint in November? Same question regarding the BRNC Acquaint also in November?
Thanks! 8)
Nope, did you book this acquaint course through your ACLO or AFCO and how long did it take for you to get on the course? Also, just out of interest, how did other people become aware of the officers acquaint course? The RNAC for the ratings is quite well publicized, but for the officers AC it seems very hush hush! Haven't come across it on the RN website and my AFCO/ACLO haven't mentioned anything about such a course either. It was only here that I became aware of its existence.


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Junior went to the Culdrose Acquaintance course back in January and he loved it ......he's also been to BRNC as well in August and came back even more determined to join the RN.

His AFCO arranged both visits and I think they came about as a result of Junior having a detailed chat with him beforehand.

Well worth going on ......if only to save my foodbill!


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Hi, I had heard that they do Acquaints, and so specifically asked what courses they do, which is how I got on 3 courses; the BRNC summer camp (was ace!), the Culdrose Acquaint in November and a BRNC acquaint in November also. After my PJFT when I was handing in the form I asked if there were any courses that I could go on to help further my interest in a career in the Royal Navy and they said yeah heres a list of some, do you want to go on them..... HELL YEAH!!!! ( I didn't say that though :p)


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Yes I know they're good fun (been having long conversations on MSN about his latest exploits!!!) but he has school work to consider,lol!

I know I might be a spoil sport but if he doesn't get the grades all the courses in the world won't be of any use will it - and that at the end of the day is what matters not wha courses he's been on.

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