Cuban missile crisis: The other, secret one

Discussion in 'History' started by BreathingOutOnTheWayUp, Oct 13, 2012.

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    It now transpires that those sighs of relief when Kennedy forced Khruschov to remove his Strategic Nuclear Weapons from Cuba in '62 were a little premature. Apparently, but unknown to the West, Cuba also held a fistful (over 100 !) of Tactical Nuclear Weapons too; which were not covered by the K & K agreement.

    <<..There had been a second secret missile crisis that continued the danger of a catastrophic nuclear war until the end of November 1962.

    This extended the known missile crisis well beyond the weekend of 27-28 October, the time that had always been thought of as the moment the danger finally lifted with the deal between Kennedy and Khrushchev to withdraw the Soviet missiles in exchange for a US promise not to invade Cuba.

    The secret missile crisis came about through an unnerving mix of Soviet duplicity, American intelligence failures and the mercurial temperament of Fidel Castro...>>

    BBC News - Cuban missile crisis: The other, secret one

    Whatever opinion one holds of Diplomats the Russian in the above account certainly earned his crust!

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    *Anastas Mikoyan - "Dubbed the Vicar of Bray of politics and known as the "Survivor" during his time...

    One veteran Soviet official described his political career in the following manner:

    "The rascal was able to walk through Red Square on a rainy day without an umbrella [and] without getting wet. He could dodge the raindrops."

    Anastas Mikoyan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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