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Ctrl-alt-delete. Rum Ration power down.


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Location Dropping the control rods
Posts Just the one

Thanks to the miracle of Identity theft, I have promoted myself to the
position of *Super Moderator* and am about to close every thread on
the entire site. I shall now delete every post that has ever been posted
on Rum Ration, ever so that we can all be nice to each other and
start all over again. Why be a sock puppet when you can be a
sock puppet master and have it all?

Please standby to start again.

* * * * * *


War Hero
Weekend? What's one of those? If I had a plot to lose I would have lost it.
I love moderators I do - honest. They do a sterling job and should get a
f***ing medal for all the shite they got to wade through. Seriously......
I take my hat off to you all and bow to a superior intellect.

Now I'm off for a wazz and I'd better still have an account when I get back.




War Hero
BillyNoMates wrote

Now I'm off for a wazz and I'd better still have an account when I get back.

Be sure to take your head for a shit at the same time and say goodbye to f¡nknottle.


War Hero
It isn't me and never was. Surely there's some way tracking down these clones?
Used to be BigBadDog but account got cancelled way back. Re-joined as BNM and
have been ever since, so finknottle has never been one of my alter-egos. Far too
busy posting all my own time to go down with multiple personality
disorder and start ranting away as someone else. Not finknottle or his bastard
offspring lovechild I'm afraid.

Night night,

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