CTCRM Xmas Leave

Guys, my lad is Lympstone bound on the next baby bootie troop, he has had a turd of a year, before you consider COVID. I'm scheming to kidnap him at Christmas and take him out to Thailand and put a smile on his face. Does anyone have any idea when Xmas leave is. Cheers Stig


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Can't help with dates but to add another 'turd' to the mix.

Have you checked if Thailand is on the list of countries he is allowed to travel to. There is a list of countries to avoid. I'd have a check or get your lad to check what countries are viable before any plans/money are made!!
cheers bud, that would just about round it off! Thankfully the flights etc are already paid for as we were meant to go the may before last, but yes best I check
I can still remember the florescent colour of my piss after the first post leave beasting I sweated that much, to this day I've never been able to replicate it! The poor lamb has all this to come.

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