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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by themightyg, Nov 12, 2010.

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  1. Hello, I start training shortly and am just wondering what sort of cash I should be setting aside for equipment when I am down there or is it mostly provided?

  2. I believe you only have to supply your own dresses and roll mats but I'm sure a bootie will be along shortly.

    p.s. as for kit, read the kit list the AFCO send you.
  3. unless things have changed recently you will have to do all your basic training using the 'issue' kit. This is so that you learn how to use it and can 'rely' upon it should you be resupplied in the filed when 'at war'.

    during the latter weeks you may be allowed to wear under garments such as a fleece jacket or similar. all outer garments will need to be 'issued' so that your troop does not look like a 'young farmers' convention

    you will need money for toletries and dhoby dust etc and of course food (Dutchies). This will be in addition to your 4 meals a day providced for free

    hopefully that will cover it. i wish you luck and consider this...your mental application will make up for any perceived defficiencies in any 'issued' kit
  4. You'll get all your food free. However, your Training Cpl may suggest things that make life in the field a little easier. The biggest expense I found in my two weeks at CTCRM on AACC is washing - we never had enough time to get 16 blokes kit through 1 washer in time for us to have enough clean stuff for the next evolution. As a result we all went to the on-base dhoby women who charged by the kilo (£4 a (dry) kilo springs to mind), but gave you back clean, dry and pressed kit in about 6 hours!
  5. Hi Alfred,

    the AACC is totally different re allowable kit and using facilities on base.
    the AACC assumes that the attendees have actually passed out of basic training (sometimes this can be questionable) and therefore there is no need to familiarise oneself with issue kit any more than is absolutely necessary or as the training team dictates.

    as for using the launderette then i would expect Nods to be hand washing all kit for some weeks initially. Nods will be shown how to do this and will then have ample time to practice. Once again the purpose of the AACC is not to see whether you can hand wash your kit as this would have been done during your own basic training

    and finally as for ironing.......Nods will be shown how to do this and then have ample days, weeks and months to practice/ getting some Dorris from the Dhoby Shop to do it for you (as a Nod) will not be an option

    Hopefully this has cleared up this issue for the Poster of this thread and not pi**sed you off too much in the process Alfred?
  6. Nah, not at all.

    We only spoke to some senior Nods (in the dhoby queue!), and they seemed to be getting the stuff we were getting from our Training Team. And lets be honest, most of us are kit tarts if we're allowed - the stores in Exeter would go bust if we weren't!
  7. i agree, most of us are 'kit tarts' at heart.

    i just wish i had waited until i knew what i really 'needed' rather than just going out and buying what i 'wanted'. by the time the training team would allow us to use it i realised that i has just bought a load of crap.

    When i was a training team corporal (PW2)..............'pull up a sandbag'............i was saddened to still see Nods buying all sorts of shite kit before they new what they really 'needed'.

    and it ain't as if Nods are loaded with cash in the first place is it?
  8. Well, you said it, not me! ;)
  9. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    A well timed question!

    Just heard today that the £200 cash advance (loan) paid to RM recuits upon joining is to cease shortly. This being the case, it may well mean that RM Recruits will follow the same routine as RN Recruits & be advised to take about £80. If it's any different, your AFCO will advise.

    As stated above, don't be tempted to pre-empt the additional personal kit required because the Recruit Handbook given to RM Recruits advises that each troop will require different items as advised by their training teams & anyone taking extra kit will have to take it home after families day (week 3).

    The only additional kit which you should take is on the joining letter kitlist provided by your AFCO at the pre-entry briefing.
  10. I'll refrain from commenting, as Gucci, in my day, was a cotton lining on the leather stock. :wink:

    Good luck for your Training MightyG.
  11. Cheapskate, I used silk to line my w*^k sock.

    To the OP, good luck TMG, best advice you've had is from Rigbsy in his 1st post - Pusser will provide...
  12. Thanks for the replies guys.
    I have not had my FEB yet (start in Jan) so was just wondering as I plan to try and send home a few hundred quid each month from my wages.

    no doubt that will go out the window when we get longer leaves and longer runs ashore haha!

    Ninja, in relation to the advance ceasing would this be before Jan?
    I think quite a lot of recruits will rely on this, how will the Navy roll out the change, make it public and in what timeframe?

    Also, the £80, is that just for extra kit as required, or is that to take in a couple of bonding pints with the oppos in Exeter as ive heard this is encouraged by the training team?
    Should I be taking extra for this and the travel to and from Exter?

    Many thanks
  13. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    The time-frame with regard the cessation of the advance of pay isn't yet known as it was only mentioned at Captain Naval Recruiting HQ this last friday lunchtime. My guess is that it's likely to be sooner rather than later, so it's probably worth saving a bit of cash to have available at CTC. If you join before about the 11th of the month, your wages will be paid to bank by the end of that month, otherwise the end of the next month.

    Apart from families day/weekend off, there will be scarce opportunities for a beer with your troop in the initial stages of RT.

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