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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by keiranginge, Nov 13, 2014.

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  1. Hello! Right, so I've got my interview on 09/12/2014 for a CT role, and therefore I'm trying to clue myself up as much as possible.

    So, as I understand it, CT training goes a little like this:
    1.Basic training at Raleigh (10 Weeks)
    2.Seamanship Course
    3.Sea training aboard a ship (6 Months)
    4.Defence Intelligence and Security Centre, Chicksands (6 Months)

    If any of the above is incorrect, please correct me.

    Assuming the above is correct, or has already been corrected, I have a few questions:
    1. How long does the Seamanship Course take, and where will I be completing it?
    2. Will I be doing CT specific roles in the 6 Month's Sea Training, or will I be filling a more general role?
    And 3. What kinds of things can I expect to be covering in Chicksands? (Obviously I know this can be a quite hush hush type thing, so any vague ideas or any information at all will be much appriciated)

    Thanks :)
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  2. December is the 12th month
  3. So it is, I'm still not done with work for today so I'm tired -.-
    I've edited it now☺
  4. Is this keiranginge from Peterborough?

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  5. No, I'm from the Devon/Cornwall border... sorry
  6. Welcome onboard. I'm sure Chaz will be along soon to answer your questions

    Sorry I was getting flashbacks from a post a while back!

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  7. Thanks! And Chaz, the current CT that has pitched in on any CT thread I have read? Hopefully :) I'm a tad exited to even be joining the RN

  8. That's the chap.

    Like what you did there! Dropped in the "I've done my research", nice one

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  9. Ah, at the hight of fame I see :L
  10. Jam or cream on first?

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  11. Neither, cut in half, put one on each half, flip to your preferance.
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  12. Raleigh, Collingwood, Blanford, Chicksands, Collingwood, Chicksands and back and forth as appropriate.
    Blanford is a signals school and Chicksands is the Defence Intelligence school as well as HQ SRR.

    Chicksands covers a variety of intelligence based training including

  13. Awesome, thanks for the info!
  14. Looks like 'they' got muppet 42 just as he was going to give the game away!
  15. Maybe he was writing it as he was driving into Chicksands...

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  16. Oh christ, if I don't post anything in the next 24 hours, 'they' have got me too
  17. exJenny

    exJenny War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Does Chicksands still stink of onions?
  18. No that's the Fens

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  19. Evening chaps,

    I'm a new member but not new to the site. Got to say navy-net has helped me a lot throughout my Navy recruitment over the past year so thank you to anyone that has contributed on here.

    I have a start date for Raleigh on 22/03/2015 to join as a CT. I'm excited to say the least but I too could do with some more info on what to expect in training over the next couple of years. Also if anyone knows if I will get further tested at Raleigh (AFCO said I might)

    KieranGinge if you ever want to chat about the recruitment process or anything then drop me a line. One thing I will say is the security clearance takes a long time to go through. Good luck with the interview
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  20. Just take it as it comes. You're not really able to be told much of use to you regarding CT training specifics before you join anyway. Maybe learning the basic morse characters would be of use to you and save a bit of effort on course.

    At least you've only got 6 months or less at Chicksands, and are in Z-type accom these days. A horrific 18 months or so of sharing a room in block 411 is something you won't have to experience. Blandford though? Feck that.

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